Feeling Overwhelmed? Don’t Suffer in Silence. Seek Helen!

My wonderful therapist has a name – Helen Toplis.

Last week I talked about a therapist who has helped me greatly. I found her via the British counselling directory website.

I could not praise Helen’s service enough quite frankly, and I’m very grateful for all I have learnt from her. I’m always surprised by how much she remembers about my life each time we have a session 😂

What I’m trying to say is: I feel heard.

Here is an excerpt from Helen’s page:

“As a counsellor I have a experience of working with young people and adults across a diverse range of life issues. Having been through a journey of counselling myself I have an understanding of being in the clients chair. My work therefore centres around providing a safe, confidential and respectful space for you to feel able to explore the challenges that you are facing.

I work using a “whole-person” approach that focuses on each aspect of being human: mind, body and soul. The work is always designed around your needs and what works best for you. The aim is to empower and support you in your pursuit to resolve the issues you are exploring so that you can move on with your life in a positive and balanced way.”

If you are in search of a fantastic therapist, you’re in luck.

To contact Helen, search ‘Helen Toplis Counsellor’ in your search engine or via http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk

Alternatively, you can reach her by:
phone 07920882428
Email: helentoplis@hotmail.co.uk

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