Who is monitoring your supplement use?

When you self prescribe supplements, you could fall into the trap of just taking them forever and ever because…well, how do you know when you’re supposed to stop?

FYI You’re not supposed to take supplements forever. Supplements are there are to SUPPLEMENT your diet and lifestyle, because sometimes we need a little push to get our own body to heal and balance itself.

Supplementing the same stuff endlessly in most cases just means it didn’t work. You’re now in the same territory as using the supplements to suppress a symptom rather than than to fix an imbalance.

Remember what I said about how supplements interact and can affect absorption of other nutrients? Consider what the potential long term effects on your health could be if you unknowingly supplement for a long time.

Having a professional monitor and measure results, health markers etc. is a good way to assess whether the intervention worked or not.

Professionals also have access to scientific data where specific therapeutic doses and dosages are outlined. These are a result of clinical trials (usually many), so it’s been tested on various population groups.

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