When you want crisps/chips but you don’t want to fall off the wagon – here’s what to have instead:

Craving crisps?

I was always more of a savoury crisp person rather than a sweets and chocolate gal. I still crave for that crunchy, savoury taste, but I want to eat something which is going to nourish me and not pull me into a bloated gut!

Here’s what you can have instead.

Rice cakes (made using rice flour & salt ONLY), topped with:
-broccoli sprouts
-nutritional yeast
-dried basil
-garlic powder
-cayenne pepper (optional)
-Tabasco sauce (optional)

Guilt free and can be enjoyed anytime – really useful before a rigorous gym session for quick energy release (rice cakes are break down into glucose pretty fast).

They’re pretty light on the stomach and the avocado gives you a little antiinflammatory action. Broccoli sprouts are a potent detoxifier, and cayenne pepper is a great little antioxidant addition.

Word to the wise, eating too many rice cakes in one day can lead to feeling like you have cardboard in your tummy, and then you can guess the consequences for yourself 🙃

You can experiment and create your own savoury masterpieces with rice cakes!

What flavours do you like?

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