National Bed Month – It’s About Time!

Now this is something I can definitely get down with.

Did you guys know there was a whole month dedicated to spreading awareness on the importance of a good night’s sleep? And that there’s an actual organisation called The Sleep Council who’s entire dedication is to spread awareness about all things sleep related.

It’s about time we started glorifying the benefits of sleep, and really looking at the physiological drawbacks of sleep deprivation.

In honour of the UK’s National Bed Month, I will be writing a series of sleep related posts which will hopefully help you understand why sleep is so important and also what you can do to get sleeping better.

As a former insomniac, I will be sharing tips which worked for me and others alike so we can get more out of these beautiful bodies of ours.

Sleep is SO often overlooked when we think about health conditions.

We usually tend to dive in to what we ate, pollution, heavy metals, illnesses we’ve contracted etc, and we neglect to address sleep.

We don’t tend to link poor sleep to health issues like obesity, IBS, leaky gut, poor mood, hormonal imbalances, inability to put on muscle and much more.

For some people, good sleep might the only medicine they’re not giving their body, and for most people, improper sleep could be the difference between great health and suboptimal health.

Throughout March I’ll be posting on the importance of sleep and how poor sleep can affect different aspects of your physical and mental health.

Of course, we will also be discussing how to actually get better and more sleep, and how it can positively impact your overall life, so watch this space!

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