Aries season medical astrology – Message for the Mandem (aka men)

Mars rules iron, and is the planet most associated with male health.

In honour of Aries season, I wanted to talk about high iron levels, which can absolutely occur in women, but is much more likely to happen in men.


Women bleed for an average of 5 days a month. In this process, we lose lymph (the waste products of blood) and toxins.

But what about men? Without the bleeding, a build up or iron can occur, as well as a build up of trapped lymph and toxins.

This can result in imbalances which can lead to high blood pressure, high iron levels, headaches, problems with libido etc.

Symptoms which can be a sign of very high iron levels include:

• feeling very tired all the time (fatigue)

• weight loss

• weakness

joint pain

• an inability to get or maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction)

loss of sex drive (libido)

• darkening of the skin, if you are white – you may look permanently tanned

tummy (abdominal) pain and swelling

• yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice)

• feeling thirsty all the time and needing to pee frequently

• severe pain and stiffness in your joints, particularly in the fingers

chest pain

shortness of breath

• swelling of your hands and feet

• an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)

• the testicles getting smaller

Did you know that many men would benefit from releasing blood every once in a while?

Benefits include balancing iron levels (men’s tend to be on the high/excess side, no periods) and also removing ‘dirty blood’ aka lymph.

This can help reduce inflammation and blood pressure – and protect against haemochromatosis (dangerously high iron levels).

You can do this via:

Donating blood (they check your iron levels first so they’ll advise you if your iron levels are TOO low)

Cupping/Hijama – an ancient Islamic therapeutic method for removing lymph and toxins via cupping and letting of a small amount of blood (please see a qualified practitioner for safety & efficacy!)

If you experience any of the symptoms discussed in this post, please notify your GP immediately and request an iron blood test.

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