How Cancer Season Could Affect Your Health & Psyche

Welcome to beautiful Cancer season!

This is a big shift from Gemini’s mentally busy and stimulating energy. This was a very yang and outward energy, where we may have been focused on external matters.

The Moon, Cancer’s ruling planet asks us to slow down, tap into our intuition, emotional world and connect with our yin/feminine energies.

In medical astrology, the moon (the planet which rules Cancer) governs our:

1. Limbic system (emotional processor)
2. Lymphatic system (swelling, toxin removal system which runs parallel to our circulatory system).
3. Menstrual, pregnancy, fertility and lactation cycles.
4. Circadian rhythm (body clocks/cycles).
5. Our daily habits
6. Eating habits
7. Ocular vision (and I would also argue 3rd eye vision too).

When our moon is afflicted in our charts, or we are neglecting to honour our moon based areas of our lives (not processing emotions, living opposite to the natural circadian rhythm i.e; eating/sleeping at the wrong times, emotional eating, not honouring our intuition), we can present with specific physiological symptoms.

Examples: Water retention, menstrual problems, stomach & bowel problems, eating disorders, eyesight problems, etc.

If we are not living in alignment with our natural circadian rhythm, this can be a very serious precursor to MANY chronic imbalances and diseases.

The moon also regulates our leptin and ghrelin balance. Leptin is the satiety hormone which lets the body know we’re no longer hungry. When your circadian rhythm is out of whack, you can count on your hormones to all follow suit.

Right now the sun in Cancer is in a nice conversation (trine) with Jupiter in Pisces. This is a really harmonious, supportive energy. You may experience a windfall of nice events of luck and love in your life.

On the other hand, in terms of health this can configuration can signal an excess of emotional eating and overindulgence.

When I see someone has Jupiter in Cancer in their birth chart, I think ‘wow this person experiences a lot of fortuitous events’, but at the same time, this configuration can indicate this person has a large belly and/or blood sugar dysregulation such as insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes.

In other words, please watch your sugar intake. Venus was also sitting in Cancer (thankfully, now moved to Leo as of 27th June), and she can definitely encourage us to go for more carby, sugary foods if we’re not intentional about what we’re eating.

What I am personally doing is ensuring I have enough food at meal times and including non-processed carbs in every meal. This is so I don’t experience a craving for the super indulgent stuff.

And hey, if you want some of that indulgent stuff, go for it. Just watch your portion and the frequency of your indulgence.

Think: Once in a blue moon, not once in a blue sky (although, this may not be the best analogy for us here in the UK).

Another consideration is sometimes we eat because we are tired and yet we’re not listening to our bodies. We do this to self soothe, which genuinely does have a relaxing (although, only temporarily) effect on our nervous system via the stimulation of our vagus nerve.

I have found increasing my Epsom Salt bath frequency to be extremely beneficial (almost everyday). I also find myself wanting to watch more superficial, less cerebral content (Love Island, etc), and listening to sweeter tones (harmonic music). This is all very much in flow with Cancer season.

You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and getting swept up in emotions, this is also a very typical Cancerian/Lunar theme. It also isn’t strange to also be feeling more clairvoyant or clairsentient (seeing and feeling things which can’t be explained). If this is you, follow me on instagram, as I will be discussing how to remedy this with an experienced shaman & medium later on in July.

Overall, this is a gentle enjoyable period – it could feel like floating safely in a swimming pool on a warm summers day. Enjoy this beautiful energy before we get into the glorious yang vibrancy of Leo season.

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