A bit about my diet:

Phytonutrients are plant derived compounds which contribute to keeping our cells young and healthy.

They can help us fight disease, detoxify pathogens & waste, and heal/repair after the damage is done.

Of course we also need essential fatty acids and complete amino acids to do this, so I’m not at all suggesting my diet is vegan.

However, it’s no secret that the majority of my diet comes from eating VEGETABLES.

I aim to eat a daily mixture of steamed & raw vegetables, of all different textures and colours.

I keep my concentrated carbohydrate(rice, potatoes, bread, plantain, etc) intake low, as I get a lot of sugars and carbohydrates from my massive vegetable intake (and about 2-3 of portions of fruit).

I do still eat non-wheat based carbs like rice, potato, quinoa, yam and plantain.

But as I’m not exerting as much physical effort as I normally do when I’m performing multiple sets of lifting heavy, I don’t really require it so much these days.

The gut ferments sugars and fibre, and if my body doesn’t have a massive need for carbohydrates, I find it makes me bloated and foggy in the brain if I give myself more carbohydrates than I need.

I rely mainly on my vegetables and fruit for my carb intake these days, and I supplement these with activated nuts & seeds, as well as chicken & beef broth, poached eggs.

I do have chicken, veal, lamb & beef (allergic to, and absolutely detest seafood very sadly).

However I eat them 2-3 times a week tops at the moment – again, maybe because I’m not training heavily anymore and so my body isn’t requiring as much of them these days.

P.s I also make myself homemade coconut flour & almond flour based cakes and cookies sometimes, and I definitely indulge in dark chocolate, and the odd marshmallow when I have a craving (Feels like eating clouds).

That’s how I keep my 80/20 compromise with myself, to ensure I stay vital, healthy and beautiful – inside and out 😉

What makes up your diet? Tell me! I want to know what you’re eating 👀

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