Everything You Need to Know About the B Vitamins, Why They’re Important For Immune Health, Where to Find it in Foods, & How They’re Best Absorbed.

B Vitamins

There are 8 types of vitamin B, most of which work best synergistically.

B vitamins are super important for regulating not only the immune system, but also the nervous system.

You see, the nervous system kinda controls everything. It decides when it’s the right time and environment to send out this hormone, or start such and such process.

The more well functioning your nervous system is, the better functioning your immune system is.

(Fitness tip: if your nervous system is working efficiently, you’ll also enjoy more and quicker muscle gains & adaptation).

B Vitamins also play a masssssive role in metabolism.

Metabolism isn’t just about burning calories and body fat, it’s about the turn over of cells, converting toxins into an excretable form your body can get rid of (detoxification), regulation of blood glucose levels and your energy levels.

If your B levels aren’t up to scratch and you’re burning out, you’re going to be more susceptible to disease.

Deficiencies in B vitamins can lead to reduced antibody responses, meaning when you’re exposed to a virus or a bacteria, your body is less likely to fight it off efficiently – not something you want in your life right now!

Word to the wise, stress (physiological or psychological), infections, alcohol and smoking can deplete B vitamins very quickly, and can result in non-iron anaemia.

You can get your B vitamins from:
red meat
organ meats (the best source)
lentils & pulses
brown + black + basmati rice
sunflower seeds
nutritional yeast
cruciferous vegetables
edible algae
shiitake mushrooms

It’s hard to determine exactly how much everyone needs from each of the 8 types of B vitamins, as this one is highly individualised.

However, what you can do is ensure you’re eating a variety of those foods listed above (remember you need a variety to catch all 8).

Do pair these foods with vitamin C (next post)+ Zinc sources, as they absorb best together.

As always, unless you are under the guidance of a clinician, please do not start supplementing.

Improper B vitamin supplementation can be dangerous and fatal for some populations.

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