A Little Story About Omega 3 and You

There are several foods which contain omega 3, like nuts and chia seeds, as well as eggs, oily fish, and organic free range meat/chicken.

However, as I keep repeating throughout my posts, just because a food contains a certain nutrient, doesn’t mean that your body can absorb said nutrient from that source.

So plant based omega 3 sources like nuts, seeds and hemp contain a form of omega 3 that most humans cannot absorb.


Without getting too technical (because this now enters the realm of chemistry), your body doesn’t need omega 3, per say.

It needs what your body converts omega 3 into; DHA & EPA.

This process of conversion is virtually impossible from plant based food sources of omega 3, and the compound resulting from the body’s conversion is ALA, which we can’t really do much with.

It is EPA and DHA which our bodies use to protect our cardiovascular, brain & hormonal health – not to mention, they are some of the most potent anti inflammatories and antioxidants!

Their benefits are prolific, and we need to consistently be putting DHA & EPA in abundant amounts into our bodies to counteract things like pollution, stress, infection, immune reaction (every time you eat ANYTHING your immune system is triggered), lack of sleep, exercise, etc.

Fortunately, there are studies which show that people who don’t want to eat animal based products can get a direct source of EPA & DHA can supplement with marine algae oil.

Now you cannot eat this, you must buy it in supplement form. For more information on dose, doseage and reputable brands, please see a nutritional therapist.

For the omnivores out there, incorporate oily fish like sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring & anchovies into your diet at least 3 times a week.

You can also receive some benefits from eating organic free range meat, eggs & poultry but your body will not absorb as much omega 3 from these sources as it does from oily fish.

So if you’re like me and cannot eat seafood, you absolutely need to supplement too.

Again, please see your nutritional therapist for professional advice on how to safely supplement.

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  1. Really good for our brain too!

    Excellent post, very valuable information Nour. Thank you.

    1. Nour Kader says:

      Absolutely! It’s one of the 2 things I supplement all year round 🙂

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