Are You Sleeping Right?

It seems that the majority of people are sleeping 6-7 hours, however the majority also felt they needed at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Also most people went to bed after midnight.

I’m definitely guilty of falling into this group often as sometimes my days end late and I require more time to unwind, and this can push my bedtime to midnight or even slightly later.

Although everyone is biologically unique, the ideal sleep time for cell regeneration, sufficient liver detoxification and much more is 7-8 hours, and not less.

If you sleep under 7 hours and you know that your energy is low when you get up, and find it hard/slow to get going, your body is communicating to you that you need more sleep, or more quality sleep.

If you’re waking up feeling like you don’t understand anything or can’t get started without coffee, it means you need to re-evaluate what time you’re going to bed and how many hours of sleep you actually need.

Constantly under sleeping becomes a serious problem when repeated constantly, especially if it’s in a confined period of time. It can quickly lead to:

Inflammation & inflammatory diseases
High blood sugar levels
Strong cravings for sugary/unhealthy food
Poor mood & cognitive function
Premature ageing (ew)
Hormonal imbalance
Impaired detoxification
Digestive/gut imbalances

The best time to be asleep by is no later than 11pm as this when the gall bladder and liver do their clearing and detoxification work.

This is why good sleep is such a powerful component of immune defence.

Going to bed at 3am for 8-9 hours is ok when that’s all you can do, but I can assure you that it’s not as beneficial as going to sleep at 10-11pm for 7-8 hours on a regular basis.

Don’t believe me? Try going to bed before 11pm and see the difference in your eyes, complexion, energy levels, mood, concentration and performance!

So the take away is, for optimal health and to get the most beneficial effects from sleep, aim to:

Go to bed before 11pm
Get a minimum of 7 hours sleep
Do it regularly

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