Setting the Record Straight on Sourdough & Gluten

I love sourdough bread. I don’t have it as a weekly staple because it does contain gluten, however due to the way sourdough is traditionally prepared, it has a very different effect on your bodies in comparison to a standard gluten bread.

Traditionally made sourdough bread is made without any yeast. It’s essentially a fermented dough, and it’s teeming with beneficial lactic acid bacteria (like the ones you’d find in yogurt and kefir for example).

If you have been following my posts for a while, you’ll remember I wrote a post about the harmful compounds plant based foods contain as a way to discourage animals from eating them. One of these is phytic acid, and this is what is found in bread and can cause holes in your gut lining (along with gluten).

However, in sourdough the lactic acid produced by the good bacteria can neutralise the effects of phytic acids and gluten, making it much easier to digest!

Sourdough also doesn’t spike your blood sugar anywhere near as high as regular bread, and it’s nutrient profile is actually pretty decent, especially for folate (vitamin B12).

So long as you’re not a celiac or are not suffering from leaky gut, eating sourdough bread over regular bread is a wise decision.


If you’re buying commercial sourdough from supermarkets, you’re now buying regular bread, so you’re not getting the benefits or the effects discussed in this post. Abort mission.

The only sourdough bread which is true sourdough is the one you make at home, or if you’re like me and prefer to buy, go for the artisan brands.

And avoid the varieties where they mix in other gluten containing flours like rye and spelt.

And for Gods sake – don’t buy bread which has weird ingredients like potato starch, maize starch, stabiliser, emulsifiers etc because it’s ‘gluten free’. These ingredients are just as bad as the gluten!

My favourite brands are @paul_bakeryuk , @celticbakers & @modernbaker – these are also organic!

Remember, if you’re celiac or you know your gut is going through a flare up (ibs/SIBO/dysbiosis crew), this isn’t for you.

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