The Immune Boost and Defence Series

It looks like this virus isn’t going away anytime soon, so boosting my immune system is my number 1 priority.

I’ll be posting on the measures and tools I use to boost my immune system, so that:

A) I am less susceptible of being contaminated/catching the Coronavirus

B) If I do catch it, my immune system is ready and strong enough to process it, preparing for a quick and safe recovery.

To be clear, there is not just 1 thing you can do to boost your immune system. I will be using a variety of things/methods, hence why this has to be a series.

This is because our immune system is impacted by so many things – you’d be so surprised! This is why I will be attacking from many different angles 💪🏼👊🏼

Also, be prepared to see some alternative practices (evidence based), as just depending on what you put into your mouth simply may not cut it. Holistic, integrative approaches work best, and an open & imaginative mind can do wonders.

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