The Magic of Medicinal Mushrooms

Do you know that mushrooms are some of the most nutritious plant foods you could be incorporating in your weekly menu?

Rich in vitamin D, a wide spectrum of B’s, prebiotics, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants and a whole lot of magic.

And by magic, I mean adaptogenic properties.

Adaptogenic means they have a homeostatic modulating effect on the nervous and hormonal system.

Rather than strictly stimulating or depressing a nutrient level or function in the body indiscriminately, they work to balance out the endocrine (hormone) and nervous system.

That means, if you’re already very stressed and restless, the right adaptogen will reduce stress for you, and conversely, if you’re burnt out, an adaptogen will improve your energy levels.

If you want to chill out, go for Chaga, oyster and Reishi.

If you want to amp up your energy, go for Cordyceps.

In addition to these wonderful adaptogenic properties, some mushrooms also induce a nootropic effect on the brain, which means it can make you more intelligent, focused and improve your memory. Your best bet for this are Lion’s Mane.

If you’re currently prioritising liver and skin health, go for Shitake (my favourite), tremella, enoki and oyster.

Make no mistake, mushrooms are herbal pharmaceuticals. The safest way to get their effects without professionally supervised by a heath specialist is by eating them, or having them in tea or coffee (find these at high quality health stores).

Taking concentrated powder or elixir forms of these mushrooms can interfere with your medication, health conditions and general health, so please do not self-prescribe any concentrated forms unless you’ve consulted a health professional who has experience in working with medicinal mushrooms.

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