The Skinny on Intermittent Fasting; A Series – Part 1

Intermittent fasting, also known as IF is an umbrella term which covers a few different methods of fasting.

Lots of studies show that intermittent fasting is generally more effective for fat loss while maintaining muscle and lean tissue than calorie restrictive diets.

Over the next few days I’ll go through description of some of the most popular methods.

1) 16-18 hour fasting/8-6 feasting window.

This is the most popular method I’ve seen. You fast from food and calorific drinks for 16-18 hours, and eat normally during the 6-8 hour feasting window.

During the fast, you can consume herbal teas, coffee, water, sparkling water and diet/0 calorie drinks (I wouldn’t recommend this as they contain nasties).

You can also sweeten your drinks with a small amount of stevia (very low carb & calorie), and use a small amount of full fat milk or plant based milk (the carb content of semi skimmed milk is higher than full fat milk).

Some ppl also enjoy a fatty coffee, where they blend coffee and coconut oil &/or organic ghee or MCT oil and drink this to provide them with a source of energy during their fasts. This is very individual as this may not be beneficial for everyone’s health due to their ability to metabolise fats efficiently.

This type of fasting is great if you are interested in consistent fat loss & raising your metabolism.

Make sure you eat clean and nutritious foods in your feasting window or this can go seriously wrong for your gut, hormones and energy levels.

Can be done 1-2/week.

Can be done while engaging in exercise, however best not to do this until you’ve become accustomed to fasting and exercise first.

For extra fat burn, exercise during your last hour of fasting!

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