The Skinny on Intermittent Fasting; A Series – Part 2⠀The 19-24 hour fast.

2) the 19-24 hour fast.

This method goes beyond fat loss and assists our bodies in getting rid of abnormal/unhealthy cells as well as regenerating good ones.

If you want to heal your cells, reset your gut, and create new neurons (brain cells), this is the one for you.

Avoiding coffee, plant milk/dairy and stevia is a must here. You don’t want any blood glucose troughs or spikes – which coffee can do!

Keep it all the way water/sparkling & herbal teas ONLY.

It’s SO important to eat easy to digest, clean low fat food to break your fast (broth & steamed veg is ideal) before indulging in a normal meal.

Please please please stay away from alcohol and noxious substances on the day before, during and the day after this fast, otherwise you stand to make yourself very sick.

Believe me, it can very we’ll end up in tears and stomach pains. Your bowels may be upset with you too.

Anything beyond light cardio/stretching/yoga/Pilates wouldn’t be wise during this fast, despite the fact that you may find your energy levels are HIGHER during this time (that’s a sign it’s working).

This is a really good tool for most people who want to improve their health and fight ageing. It can be done 1-2 times per month quite safely, provided you follow the guidelines!

It’s quite normal to find bowel movements have slowed down/changed temporarily for a day or two after this type of fasting. You haven’t put anything in your intestines, so there aren’t going to be many stimuli to get them to contract and push things down. This should even out within 2-3 days.

If you’re diabetic, pregnant, undergoing serious stress (physiological or psychological), 1 week away from your period or have any medical issues, it’s best to consult your doctor and/or nutritional therapist before you engage in this.

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