‘Why am I experiencing sluggish digestion/constipation?’Areas to examine: part 3

9) You drink too much coffee/shouldn’t be drinking it.

Coffee dehydrates the intestines. Your bowels need water to get things moving.

Opt for a tea (caffeinated or not).

10) You eat too many hard/dehydrated foods which are difficult to break down and they rot in your gut.

Crisps, bread, crackers, biscuits. These are the worst offenders.

Foods like papaya, kiwi pineapple, mango, broccoli, kale and quinoa can help moisturise and open your bowels.

They also contain useful enzymes which help digest & break down food more efficiently, as well as encouraging the proliferation of good bacteria.

Try eating 2 🥝/day!

11) you don’t have a healthy microbiome.

Your microbiome includes all the non-you organisms in your body. This includes bacteria, yeast/fungi and parasites.

We’re not supposed to have parasites, but we should have a population of helpful bacteria and a small population of friendly yeast in our bodies.

These guys act like a mercenary, supporting our bodies with metabolism/immune/digestive/cardiovascular/brain function balance.

When we have a larger population of unfriendly organisms in our bodies, they start to disrupt our normal physiological processes across the board.

They eat our food and become stronger and adapt well. They take our nutrients, metabolise them, and by doing so release toxic gasses inside our bodies which can cause sluggishness, constipation, burping and farting.

They also increase our cortisol levels (one of our stress hormones), which is a double insult as they can monopolise cortisol as a channel for communication between each other to continue to adapt and increase their chance of survival 😩

This has to be handled so carefully, please see a nutritional therapist for personalised guidance through this process – it can be long and tricky, but very much worth it!

There are many more reasons and areas to look at, and it’s best to do this on an individual basis as everyone’s situations and biochemistry is unique.

However, we have covered enough for most people to be able to pin point/identify the root of their sluggish bowels.

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