Why & How Microorganisms Can Be Messing With Your Mood

Why & how microorganisms can be messing with your mood

If we have an imbalanced environment in our gut, this is what could be causing it:

-a nasty bacterial strain (bad bacteria). Look at your daily diet (diet drinks, sugar, trans fats, processed foods, chemicals, synthetic oestrogens, etc), OR have you recently had an upset stomach after eating out or travelling?

-you may not have loads of bad bacteria, but you don’t have enough good ones, due to medication and/or your diet.

-you have an overgrowth of yeast (like Candida). Are you eating a high sugar diet? Are you unknowingly being exposed to mould & damp? Are you eating foods beyond their ‘best by’ date, which are already starting to mould (invisibly)?

-you have parasites. Very common, all over the world. Do you often have ice and lemon in your drinks when you’re eating out? Drink tap water? Eat out often? Eat pork? Often get heart burn & indigestion?

If you have any of these (a lot of ppl have many of these by the time they realise they have symptoms), then this can really affect your mood.


  1. These organisms hijack your nutrients for themselves for their own survival AND evolution (very intelligent). So if they’re benefiting from the nutrients and you’re not, you’re bound to have some nutrient deficiencies.
  2. Just like how you create metabolic waste and empty your bowels, so do these organisms – inside your body 🤢. Their metabolic wastes manifest as a toxic gas, which can mess around with cell & hormone signalling, causing confusion/disruption to how your body is supposed to function.
  3. These organisms’ metabolic waste/gasses also cross into the brain. If you ever felt like your head has gone foggy (brain fog), it is likely the cause was due to an organism’s metabolic waste. These gasses can also mess with signalling between the brain and the rest of the body.
  4. The sheer presence of these organisms is inflammatory, creating stress on our bodies. So inflammation goes up. Not good for mood!
  5. Our immune system is constantly launching responses to try to fix the situation, even though it’s working at a nutritional deficit.
  6. Remember how serotonin is produced in the gut? 🙃

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