How Sugary Foods, Stress & Toxins Negatively Affect Digestion. AND Promote Hair Loss.

Did you know that the pancreas (a small organ behind our stomach) is responsible for the bulk of our digestive enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are tiny protein structures which help us break down constituents in food like sugars, proteins and fats.

The pancreas is also the control centre of our blood sugar levels. It’s where insulin, the sugar lowering hormone, is released from, as a response to high levels of circulating glucose in the blood.

The thing is, we may not be appreciating how much burden our pancreas is under if we’re constantly doing things to raise our blood glucose. Here are some things which raise our blood glucose levels and put strain on the pancreas:

-eating high carb & sugary foods often
-large meals, often
-not leaving gaps between meals
-having lots of caffeinated drinks
-drinking alcohol often
-high toxicity foods (processed foods, non-organic food)
-not eating for long periods of time followed by a binge, and repeat.

So when your pancreas is under strain for a long time and has had enough, here are some of the potential consequences:

-pancreatic enzyme insufficiency (poor digestive function, sudden intolerances & reactions to foods, bloating, tiredness).

-Insulin insensitivity (cells don’t efficiently use up all the glucose in the blood stream to produce energy, so you feel tired – and there’s loads of sugar still floating around in the blood stream which isn’t good).

Eventually if insulin insensitivity is not corrected, it can turn into insulin resistance (cells don’t ‘hear’ the hormonal signal which instructs them to open up their doors to receive the glucose in the blood stream, resulting in fatigue, feeling cold & dizzy).

This is now pre type 2 diabetes territory, and this where manifestations like hair loss, impotence, gut bacteria imbalances and acne & oily skin can take place.

So what to do?

-eat a whole food, organic, varied diet at least 80% of the time.

-EXERCISE! This improves your glucose uptake in the cells.

-meditate, practice yoga, walk, deep breathing exercises – relax, often!

-go easy on the sugar!

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