Your Food & Your Mood – Part 2

  1. Inflammation (eating inflammatory foods which launch an immune response).

    Eating foods which have been proven to be inflammatory like dairy, peanuts & gluten can increase inflammation in the body. So if you’re feeling a bit sad, cheese & bread aren’t going to help.

    Additionally, are you eating foods which you know your body doesn’t react well to? Maybe your tongue goes sore when you eat 🥝 🍓 or 🍍, or you notice eating beans or chickpeas messes up your gut/skin.

    Your body is telling you to cut it out – at least until you heal your gut (yes, it always starts in the gut first).

    Listen out for signs your body doesn’t like what you’re putting into it. Cut these foods out for now, and this can lower your inflammation.

    It’s been confirmed that many cases of depression, inflammation has been one of the main drivers.

    Interestingly, obese & overweight people often suffer with depression not because of their looks, but because of their severely high inflammation levels.

    Healthy foods which can sometimes cause poor mood for some ppl: aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, eggs, potatoes, shellfish, oats and soy.

    Obviously sugar, trans fats (the kind you find in processed foods) are HIGHLY inflammatory.
  2. Micronutrient (vitamins & minerals) & macronutrient status.

    If you have a deficiency in nutrients, your body is going to eventually be inflamed from having to overcompensate.

    Magnesium, vitamin D & B vitamins are the main mood regulators here.

    Your adrenals also need electrolytes (minerals) to produce hormones like dopamine, adrenaline & testosterone. If your adrenals are running low, your mood & metabolism will be too.

    When it comes to you macros, if you’re consistently cutting out either carbs, protein or essential fatty acids, you’re going to run into mood issues. Don’t be that person!

    You need all of these to build your hormones, neurotransmitters, essential amino acids and enzymes. A deficiency is going to be the weak link in your chain.

    As you’ve already seen, protein is pretty important for mood. Carbs are also very important because they help you absorb tryptophan from the protein rich foods.

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