Anger is a higher frequency than sadness & hopelessness!

Notice how the vibrations of anger, control and power, are much higher than suffering and victimisation.

So next time when you experience feeling sad, apathetic or depressed, don’t try to force yourself to jump up straight to gratitude or joy straight away.

That’s too big of a jump – unless you already know how to do that!

Feeling angry or vengeful is actually a higher vibration than feeling sad, fearful or hopeless, in fact anger is the last vibrational step before the frequency of COURAGE and CHANGE.

Don’t feel ashamed when you make this switch from sad to angry, understand where you are at and see it as the start of your EMPOWERMENT journey, and realise you’re probably about to start making some changes to get yourself out of that state.

Give yourself the time and space to do that
So if you’ve been feeling low, and you find yourself starting to feel angry, REJOICE!

You may not know it, but you’re raising your vibration.

Keep doing self work, and you’ll find yourself resonating with the higher frequencies.

I’m somewhere between power and will today.

Where are you at today?

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