Do We Have Free Will?

Off the back of my last post on generational curses and with Hallowe’en (Or Samhain as some of us like to call it) looming, I’d been having some very interesting conversations with a dear friend of mine over at (check out her dope content on mental wellbeing). We got to discussing about the subject of free will, and as with all good conversations, we had some opposing views. So Raimah, this post is dedicated to you 😆.

My position is that we ABSOLUTELY have free will. I believe life is what we make it, and whatever you believe in, is absolutely true. For you. In your reality. I spoke about how in your life, you are legitimately the centre of your universe, because your experience of reality starts when you’re born, and ends when you die. If you want to read more on that, click here.

There are several reasons why I have come to this conclusion.

Number 1, I was raised as a Muslim, and was taught very early on that humans and jinns (ethereal manifestations of consciousness….or duppies..whichever term you’re more comfortable with) are the only creations which were bestowed with ‘free will’. Based on what we decided to do with our free will, the consequence after death would either land us in this sparkly place called heaven, or some ghetto-ass hell where we’d burn for a while, before being redeemed and finally granted entry into God’s kingdom.

Number 2, as a nutritional therapist, I am privy to the fact that while we are born with a specific genetic makeup, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we will be expressing those genes. We are passed down genes which we inherit from our parents, however our environment and nurture will ultimately determine which genes are activated, which ones stay dormant, and which ones mutate.

Plainly speaking, what that means is that the choices you make in your life DO have a massive impact on your genetic expression. Your genetic expression governs everything from how you look, think and feel.

You can negatively AND positively affect what is expressed based on your food intake and the thoughts you feed yourself. Physical activity can also greatly affect your epigenetics.

So, let’s say you were cloned, and one of you had been fed a nutrient dense diet, exercised, practiced meditation and thought kind thoughts about yourself, you would have a very different health status, appearance and personality from the other you who did NOT do any of those things.

Consequently, you’d have very different types of interactions and relationships with people. You’d have different life events and generally a very different trajectory in life. You’d be drawn to and attract a completely different set of people, opportunities, events etc.

In even simpler terms, you’d have a very different energetic signature. Your energetic frequency determines what you attract into your life, which is what the law of attraction states. Where your awareness goes, energy flows. A small but profound example of this, is being in a bad ass mood, and encountering a series of pricks after pricks. Or the reverse!

Each time you make a choice, conscious or not, you align with a certain dimension of reality which is available to you. Think of it like a snakes or ladders game, except you’re not at the mercy of chance! You’re at the mercy of your own mental universe, if you will. If you look around you, very carefully, you’ll see examples of people who are very similar to you.

Some of them will be reminders of what you could be if you decide to select lower vibrational frequency choices. You might find this in parental figures, elders and even in some old childhood friends who haven’t grown.

Conversely, you’ll see examples of people who you feel you have a lot in common with who vibrate and act on a high frequency. These are the people who you aspire to be like, or at least, you aspire to have their traits. These are the people who inspire you and connect YOU to YOUR higher self.

As life goes on and you make more choices which align with what gives you true joy and fulfilment, you will be achieving a very different fate to that of where you haven’t aligned with joy. Where you haven’t grown, and continue to make non-intuitive choices which continue to betray you, and feelings like depression, resentment, victimhood and self doubt rule your psyche and spirit.

You have free will, your fate is always changing and evolving based on the decisions you make. And you can only make the right decisions for you, once you know YOU, are. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to answer that, I’ve written a post on that here too.

There’s also a third reason why I believe that free will exists and your path in life can lead you to many different outcomes and realities.

Look at the markings in your palms. For most people, your non-dominant palm’s markings indicate what you were destined for if you were to passively follow life. Without applying energy and effort in the various parts of your life, like your career, your relationships, your compassion/empathy etc. Your dominant palm’s markings indicate how you’ve deviated and grown (or regressed), based on where you’ve been focusing your energy.

So yes, you may be ‘destined’ for something, but your energy work CAN interrupt these plans. Also, there are infinite realities in YOUR universe which you can align with. If your current reality isn’t yet abundant with materialistic gifts for example, and that is something you deeply want, you can attract and manifest that reality into your current dimension. In other words, ‘fulfilling your dream’ and ‘unlocking your potential’ are the very meaning of this.

One of the best tools you can utilise to help you figure out who you are, what you want and how to get it, is meditation. Meditation gives you the ability to become more authentic and aligned with your core being. Who you were as a young child, before you became conditioned by all the noisy narratives and thoughts which were dumped on you by society, media, etc.

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” – Socrates

That is where the journey starts. The next step is to acquire wisdom, and align with whatever gives you real joy. It also helps to seek some guidance and deliberation from those who are in alignment with their spiritual journey. In fact, it helps them. When we help and heal others, we help ourselves.

I would say one of the main supportive figures who got me started on my journey is a very special, powerful psychic healer called Aisha. Please check out her services at if you’re stuck or just want some gentle guidance with navigating your OWN path.

Another example of a powerful spiritual guide who can help illuminate your unique key to unlocking your greatest self is Benedict Amevor. You can reach him here. Ben uses tarot and his harnessed intuitive skills to help you understand the best ways for you to move forward.

We all have the power and ability to become powerful psychics, provided we can find the quietness to be with our own inner being.

To summarise, if you believe that you have free will, you absolutely do. Equally, if you believe you don’t, you’re absolutely right. The question is, which belief aligns and empowers you the most? Follow that one.

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