Transcendence Beyond Mental, Physical, Emotional Limitations

With Pisces moving through Jupiter, I suspect there will be a lot more alcohol and drug (recreational AND medical) consumption.

Jupiter is about greed and excess and Pisces energy can tempt one into entering an elusive escapist, day dream, delusional state (sorry!)

To add insult to injury, Jupiter rules the liver, and Pisces the lymphatic and immune system. It also has an indirect relationship with the liver via the Pisces/Virgo connection axis.

Pisces is a cold, wet and slow energy, encouraging stagnancy and water retention – in combination with Jupiter’s devil may care, expansive and hedonistic energy, this could spell sluggish liver and immune related issues for those wishing to escape into a ‘harmless’ glass of vino, or an indulgent banquet of very fat-rich food (Jupiter also rules fats!)

When we feel like escaping into another reality (alcohol, drugs, food), it’s usually a sign that we badly crave a connection with the divine (god, the creator, spirituality).

But because of the weird conditioning a lot of us have gone through growing up, we automatically associate ‘divine’ with ‘religion’.

This is very problematic because we get bogged down and tied up in shitty vibrational states like shame, guilt, resentment, etc.

There is nothing stopping you from cultivating a relationship with the divine, in whatever resonates with you.

Forget about the ‘proper’ way, you can even start by realising that as a creation, you have a spark of the creator’s energy in you. Be both empowered and humbled by this.

Channel this energy into creating and designing your dream life, instead of escaping into delusion, and alcohol, drugs, overeating etc may start to not look as appealing anymore.

The key with Jupiter in Pisces is to not just stop at the dreaming stage. While dreaming and visualising your ideal life is very powerful, and especially potent during this time, it is rendered completely useless and even wasteful, if no action is put forward. Jupiter blesses your aligned action, guided by your Piscean intuition.

Purpose and intention.

This is how to navigate correctly through Pisces in Jupiter. This is how to get the best out of both Jupiter AND Pisces, and not let THEM get the best out of YOU.

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