I am just coming to the end of the Mind Body Soul 360 Reading with Nour and it has been an amazing journey of unlearning and empowerment for me

Nour is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable, she certainly knows her stuff which gives you full confidence in her and what she shares and guides you through

I really like her approach to this plan because she isn’t super strict when you’re just starting out on this journey, she will give you the ideals you want to aim for and gradually introduce new things each week to make it feel very manageable, and if you do have something off-plan she doesn’t guilt you for it, she simply explains what that food/drink is doing to your body, and that’s enough to make you want to make different choices!

Before working with Nour I barely drank any water, ate sugary foods most days (feeling powerless to my cravings), had poor quality sleep, constant bloating and excess weight. After just 5 weeks the quality of my sleep has dramatically improved after being a light sleeper for as long as I could remember, my stomach is shrinking and feeling much less bloated by the day, my mindset is so much stronger, my cravings have been nearly non-existent, and I’ve been able to become a regular water drinker (and have ditched the squash!)

I absolutely loved the astrological aspect of this reading and we covered FAR more than just my health and nutrition, that session in itself was also amazing!

Can’t recommend this program enough if you’re looking to educate yourself more and ease yourself in to a lifestyle change

I will be continuing my journey with Nour to do the Gut Healing Protocol in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to see what lies ages for my body, mind and soul

Thank you Nour

Bethan, Bath

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