Where to start with Nour? She is simply incredible and her unique combination of medical astrology and holistic healing is revolutionary. I heard about Nour chance, having met another one of her clients at an event. To me this woman was like sunlight; her aura and confidence shining through. I was in awe and intrigued and conversations led me to understand she was feeling/looking so great as a result of completing a programme with Lux Nutrition.

I was in a dark place when I approached Nour having suffered a tragic loss and picking up very bad habits with eating and drinking to try and deal with the trauma. I ended up doing a longer term programme with Nour starting with an astrological reading and inflammation reduction through to a full gut healing protocol. This plan was bespoke to me and tailored to my needs based on my medical astrology.

It was hard work and I went through a lot of emotions. Nour is patient but stern and through her guidance I learned to become accountable ad understand about what is really good for my body as fuel and the negative effects of sugar and inflammatory agents and hormones in certain foods and drink. I overhauled my diet completely, took supplements and combined with exercise (which Nour also advises on) – the results I achieved are astounding and completely exceeded my expectations.

I’m sharing before and after photos as an example of the obvious physical effects, however the programme is much more than that. I feel energised, less moody, my skin is better, my overall digestion is vastly improved, but most importantly, I am maintaining this now without regular touch points with Nour since she equipped me with the education and tools to make the best choices for my health and to reach my goals.

Thank you so much Nour, I appreciate you massively. I cannot recommend Lux Nutrition London highly enough.

Louise, Kent

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