A holistic & staged astrological nutrition health plan

Nour was recommended through my osteopath Lisa Orpie.

As any of you reading this, I tried various diets that promised change in a short time and I never had a good outcome as I am calling myself a weak soul in front of temptations. After injuring my back due to a serious herniated disc caused mainly by over a decade of being overweight and ignoring my health, I decided that it is the time to get back on track.

I loved the stage moderate approach of Nour’s strategy that is planned of a year, the holistic view of the entire nutritional change I need to follow and the medical approach to my ailments.

Just the small few changes that Nour will guide you to do even from the first session with her will have an impact on your quality of life.

Nour communicates exceptionally well and in detail, she is very helpful to answer any question you might have and also guides you to seek help for other ailments that can’t be treated purely through diet like psychological support for addictive behaviour.

Aura, London

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