Empowerment through education; learning to understand the body & self

This was my first astrology session, I was a bit skeptical to start, I didn’t know what to expect, and I never knew that astrology had anything to do with health. I was surprised by how accurate some of the things said were and I have repeatedly gone back to the recording just to listen to some parts of it again. It was really eye opening and allowed me to delve deeper into the spiritual/emotional aspects of health which I now see to be the main struggles I was actually dealing with.

– Understanding the foods that suit me and those that don’t. I used to eat salads day and night and not understand why i was facing the symptoms I was, but that is only one example, understanding how other foods like dairy and gluten were impacting my digestion, my mood and my overall health was one big advantage from the program
– learning to CHEW. I was told so many times that i need to chew slowly, but I thought that was diet culture, when i saw the impact it had on my digestion to actually chew my food. I was amazed.
– Learning how to make my plate, knowing how much of each food group I should be having at meal time, to leave feeling satiated, satisfied and comfortable.
– certain supplements like magnesium
– the importance of stepping away from super intense HIIT workouts, and giving my body the time it needs to rest and recuperate through more steady state calming exercise like yoga, pilates and walking

Nour is supportive, understanding, and helpful. She has a solution to help you through different issues you may face, and she never looks purely at the physical, i was surprised to see how she helped me through so many emotional aspects that were causing me physical symptoms.

Talia Aboud, Cairo

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