About Me

A passionate advocate for holistic health, food, exercise and spiritual practice. My work reflects this, and I am gifted in incorporating all four areas into an individualised health plan. I find this works best in helping and empowering individuals in achieving success with their health goals.

My personal health journey and over 5 years of studying nutritional therapy at the prestigious London Institute for Optimum Nutrition has made me an expert on all things gut related. I am also avidly invested in the world of anti-ageing, fat loss, mood & energy balance and detoxification.

I work using the functional medicine model, which focuses on finding the root cause of a health imbalance. I do not believe in quick fixes or focusing on treating a symptom, because that is like putting a plaster on a wound, rather than treating the wound itself!

I believe everyone is entitled to feel and look their best, and I am excited to share my tips with you!

-Nour x

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