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I have supported many people into feeling and looking their absolute best selves, and together we can do the same.

One of my most inspirational clients. She started off just wanting to tidy up her health. As we started working together, we found that there were quite a lot of hidden underlying and urgent imbalances which were neglected by conventional healthcare.

After completing a 13 month programme, Debbie’s health is now in a completely different place. She’s become extremely knowledgable about her own body and health, and I don’t expect to see her again anytime soon except for a little check-in every few months.
Well done Debbie, you’ve been an absolute dream to work with and I can see you’ve inspired not only myself, but many others who’ve come into contact with you while being on this journey. Congratulations!
One of my most dedicated superstar clients, after completing her long-term gut healing protocol package. Kara undertook this 360 degree health transformation with stellar dedication and commitment, and therefore came out with fantastic results. Well done Kara!

Nevenka was already health conscious when she came to see me. We tweaked a few things and sorted our her inflammation levels, and within a couple of months she no longer experienced an allergic-like reaction to eating pineapple, lost some body fat and has much better energy levels. Overall, a much happier bunny. Great job, Nevenka!

Nick is a very active, busy person. He wanted to get rid of some extra body fat and improve his overall energy levels. Contrary to what most people think, lots of cardio and HIIT style training can actually increase waist size, and can be metabolically problematic for fat loss. 
Once we switched to resistance training and got some more nutrients into his daily diet, his energy levels improved and he finally shed those stubborn extra pounds. 
Great work, Nick!
Tom wanted to lose some extra body fat and learn more about his health. He wanted a flexible health plan which wouldn’t be daunting, so we introduced 2-3 small changes every week for 6 weeks. Before he knew it, he was eating loads of vegetables and had effortlessly lost 9 pounds. 
Job well done, Tom

I met with Nour twice and based on my experience with her I highly and with confidence recommend working with her.

Nour is very passionate about what she does and has a lot of skills and education that support her passion. What makes her the absolute person to go to is that she is highly intuitive and everything she feels and shares is quite accurate.

I received so many messages from the divine through Nour which enabled me to overcome a major milestone in my life, and if it weren’t for the message I received directly through her things would have been very different for me.

Nour is revolutionary in her practice and what she created is a unique combination of nutrition, medical astrology and holistic healing.

Based on my experience with her I am starting a full time nutrition course with her in a few weeks. I absolutely recommend Nour and I see what she is doing as asset for every practitioner in the future. I thank the divine for having Nour among us to pave the road for many others to come. Thank you Nour, Love and light to you.

Nadeen Gamil, Cairo

Nour is a very conscientious and thoughtful nutritionist. The programme she put together for me was completely tailored and bespoke to my needs with attention to detail. The programme included a range of useful tools and effective habits to make positive changes as well as weekly catchups to discuss progress and accountability. I would recommend Lux Nutrition to anyone looking to make some healthy lifestyle changes!

Jason Hayles, London, UK

As soon as I met with Nour I could feel her energy jump through the screen, she has an energy that is very clean and eager to serve.  Nour had the ability to really define me from what she had analysed through my astrology chart, pinpointing relationships in my life and the relevance of them which directly connected with my purpose here.  This information stripped off layers of my life story that left me feeling really invigorated.  This reading also catapulted my health journey by bringing up how my planets were showing up and what I individually could do to reshape and embrace a healthy lifestyle that would bring out the best expression of me.

Nour is not only knowledgeable in her field of expertise she has that quantum ability to see and connect with you, giving you the messages, you truly need to move forward.

Nour is a priceless gem, she provides exceptional value and clear direction. In addition I have a 26 page birth chart reading that I can use on a daily basis and understand which area of my life the planets are in and how that may impact on me.  I also have the recording of our session, so I am able to reflect and really integrate my learning from the reading into my everyday life.

If you haven’t had a medical astrology reading before, Nour is truly the one that I would recommend you go to, if I had to rate her out of 5, 5 being I had an exceptional experience I would rate her 5+.

Jacqueline Boothe, London

My reading with Nour was truly amazing.  Being a psychic myself I can sometimes get in my own way, so it’s great to have someone else read for you.  Nour provides an absolutely beautiful and quality service with love and oomph, like a bit of warrior goddess energy.  She keeps it so real and the way she links your medical astrology to your human design and your houses is kind of out of this world actually.  Learning what the right foods are for your body type and getting that confirmation from your chart is invaluable.  Nour, thank you so much I know very soon you will have a long waiting list because what you do in service to humanity is needed as we move back into loving our bodies with clean living.

Yvonne Douglas, London

Nour knows what she is talking about! In 6 short weeks, I was able to replace my diet consisting of sugar cravings and excess fat and replace them with colourful, nutrient dense options without compromising flavour. Since working with Nour, my body feels leaner, my energy levels are up and I’m feeling the best I have in a long time. I would highly recommend this service. It changed the game for me. Thanks Nour!

Marc McKinnon, London, 

Nour is so easy to work with but incredibly knowledgeable, which really helps when you are wanting to take such an important step in your health journey. She is completely relatable, takes time to understand your cultural foods so she can help you adapt more easily, and every time I thought I was going to find it difficult, I was surprised I was able to sail through with Nour’s guidance.

The results I achieved exceeded my expectations, but most importantly it’s armed with an important education to make better choices to reach my goals. Therefore if I choose to indulge on holiday for a week, I’m in the best possible position to now pick up where I left off to get back on the journey to achieving or maintaining whatever my goal is at that point.

I can’t thank Nour enough for her expertise, warmth & great energy but also imparting her knowledge which I’ll take with me going forward. I know a couple of friends who are certainly interested in taking that next step too!

Lerease, London

I am very pleased with the results I achieved in 3 months. Working with you has been great, you are first one to understand my body and helped me to understand it too.

Noha El Helaly, Cairo, Egypt

Nour was recommended through my osteopath Lisa Orpie.

As any of you reading this, I tried various diets that promised change in a short time and I never had a good outcome as I am calling myself a weak soul in front of temptations. After injuring my back due to a serious herniated disc caused mainly by over a decade of being overweight and ignoring my health, I decided that it is the time to get back on track.

I loved the stage moderate approach of Nour’s strategy that is planned of a year, the holistic view of the entire nutritional change I need to follow and the medical approach to my ailments.

Just the small few changes that Nour will guide you to do even from the first session with her will have an impact on your quality of life.

Nour communicates exceptionally well and in detail, she is very helpful to answer any question you might have and also guides you to seek help for other ailments that can’t be treated purely through diet like psychological support for addictive behaviour.

Aura, London

Nour’s unique combination of medical astrology and nutrition is really revealing.
The medical astrology report was so spot on. I felt as if I had a much better understanding of how I functioned in all areas of life – fascinating and so helpful. 1000% recommend Nour incredible work.

I am currently in my 2nd round of nutritional guidance with Nour. I have been very happy with the results and have already made some changes to my diet that I will keep for life.

I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and had what I believed was a good diet. Since working with Nour and following her recommendations and taking the advised supplements, I realise how much better I feel.

My aim was to reduce inflammation in my system and to in turn reduce some of the ageing effects this brings.

An added bonus was losing my lockdown extra weight. Nour explained I was not on a weight loss programme but as my system got rid of the toxins it also shed unnecessary weight. A total win, win.


The effects so far have been really noticeable. The energy I have has increased greatly and I gave up coffee as this is inflammatory. I could go back to coffee and I did love it but I will choose to stay off this as the feeling of pure natural energy is a much better buzz than caffeine.

My skin looks amazing,I have noticed less wrinkles and an uplift in the face that I am really impressed with. Nour explained it was the reduction in toxins and a much more tailored diet to my needs.

I have become so much more food aware and I really feel, I have a new much better relationship with my body, this is also linked to my outlook, I feel calmer and much more focused since starting this programme.

The gut is the 2nd brain and now both are working in tandem, thanks to Nour’s excellent guidance. I intend to keep going and go deeper with Nour’s plans for me.

I feel literally remodelled inside and out. Very very Happy.

Paula x

Paula Carney,  London

“Nour is absolutely brilliant !  She helped me understand the changes I could make to improve my overall health. She guided and supported me through the process and was extremely generous with her time throughout. Her expert knowledge and the research into each issue that arose helped me get a better and clearer understanding. I am healthier, happier and have a better understanding of what works best for me going forward in my life. I really can’t thank Nour enough.”
Jet, London

I am just coming to the end of the Mind Body Soul 360 Reading with Nour and it has been an amazing journey of unlearning and empowerment for me

Nour is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable, she certainly knows her stuff which gives you full confidence in her and what she shares and guides you through

I really like her approach to this plan because she isn’t super strict when you’re just starting out on this journey, she will give you the ideals you want to aim for and gradually introduce new things each week to make it feel very manageable, and if you do have something off-plan she doesn’t guilt you for it, she simply explains what that food/drink is doing to your body, and that’s enough to make you want to make different choices!

Before working with Nour I barely drank any water, ate sugary foods most days (feeling powerless to my cravings), had poor quality sleep, constant bloating and excess weight. After just 5 weeks the quality of my sleep has dramatically improved after being a light sleeper for as long as I could remember, my stomach is shrinking and feeling much less bloated by the day, my mindset is so much stronger, my cravings have been nearly non-existent, and I’ve been able to become a regular water drinker (and have ditched the squash!)

I absolutely loved the astrological aspect of this reading and we covered FAR more than just my health and nutrition, that session in itself was also amazing!

Can’t recommend this program enough if you’re looking to educate yourself more and ease yourself in to a lifestyle change

I will be continuing my journey with Nour to do the Gut Healing Protocol in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to see what lies ages for my body, mind and soul

Thank you Nour

Bethan, Bath

Where to start with Nour? She is simply incredible and her unique combination of medical astrology and holistic healing is revolutionary. I heard about Nour chance, having met another one of her clients at an event. To me this woman was like sunlight; her aura and confidence shining through. I was in awe and intrigued and conversations led me to understand she was feeling/looking so great as a result of completing a programme with Lux Nutrition.

I was in a dark place when I approached Nour having suffered a tragic loss and picking up very bad habits with eating and drinking to try and deal with the trauma. I ended up doing a longer term programme with Nour starting with an astrological reading and inflammation reduction through to a full gut healing protocol. This plan was bespoke to me and tailored to my needs based on my medical astrology.

It was hard work and I went through a lot of emotions. Nour is patient but stern and through her guidance I learned to become accountable ad understand about what is really good for my body as fuel and the negative effects of sugar and inflammatory agents and hormones in certain foods and drink. I overhauled my diet completely, took supplements and combined with exercise (which Nour also advises on) – the results I achieved are astounding and completely exceeded my expectations.

I’m sharing before and after photos as an example of the obvious physical effects, however the programme is much more than that. I feel energised, less moody, my skin is better, my overall digestion is vastly improved, but most importantly, I am maintaining this now without regular touch points with Nour since she equipped me with the education and tools to make the best choices for my health and to reach my goals.

Thank you so much Nour, I appreciate you massively. I cannot recommend Lux Nutrition London highly enough.

Louise, Kent

This was my first astrology session, I was a bit skeptical to start, I didn’t know what to expect, and I never knew that astrology had anything to do with health. I was surprised by how accurate some of the things said were and I have repeatedly gone back to the recording just to listen to some parts of it again. It was really eye opening and allowed me to delve deeper into the spiritual/emotional aspects of health which I now see to be the main struggles I was actually dealing with.

– Understanding the foods that suit me and those that don’t. I used to eat salads day and night and not understand why i was facing the symptoms I was, but that is only one example, understanding how other foods like dairy and gluten were impacting my digestion, my mood and my overall health was one big advantage from the program
– learning to CHEW. I was told so many times that i need to chew slowly, but I thought that was diet culture, when i saw the impact it had on my digestion to actually chew my food. I was amazed.
– Learning how to make my plate, knowing how much of each food group I should be having at meal time, to leave feeling satiated, satisfied and comfortable.
– certain supplements like magnesium
– the importance of stepping away from super intense HIIT workouts, and giving my body the time it needs to rest and recuperate through more steady state calming exercise like yoga, pilates and walking

Nour is supportive, understanding, and helpful. She has a solution to help you through different issues you may face, and she never looks purely at the physical, i was surprised to see how she helped me through so many emotional aspects that were causing me physical symptoms.

Talia Aboud, Cairo

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