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To book or make enquiries please email me a brief description of what you would like to work on. Together we can select the best plan for you.

You can reach me at or drop me a message here.

Let’s get you sorted, life is too short to not feel and look fabulous!
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Health Abundance Package – £888

An eight-week step by step prescriptive programme which works to transform your entire health foundation and perspective on health. We work methodically week by week on consolidating selective impactful health and lifestyle interventions. This is a highly personalised dynamic programme focused on changing the way your nervous system works in order to support you in creating a more robust, healthier and empowered you.

This is a perfect starter programme for people who feel overwhelmed and lost about how to address and improve their health. Perhaps you have eliminated lots of food groups already, taken a variety of supplements and done a lot of testing and still don’t feel better. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

In this programme you are given the space to be held as a whole multidimensional person, not just a set of lab results or symptoms. You are taught how to hold space for yourself and how to connect with your wellness, wherever you are, in a way which makes you feel you seen. This is how true healing can begin on a cellular and emotional level.

We start off with a 90 minute video consultation to discuss your health goals and selected strategy and subsequently meet weekly for support/educational catch ups to help you achieve your goals.

Mind Body Soul 360 Reading – £1199

A combination service of nutritional therapy, medical and psychological astrology.
We start with a natal chart reading which combines the psycho-emotional-spiritual and medical interpretations and a separate nutritional therapy consultation for further analysis and personalised health plan.

This is very useful for helping pinpoint where a ‘mystery’ illness or imbalance may emanate from, and why.

Expect big A-HA moments and personalised advice and health optimisation plan.

Please note this package takes place over 2 sessions, ideally booked within the same week.

Here we can determine how we are going to navigate what the root cause of your concerns are, and the best way to tackle it. The duration of this phase is 6 weeks

Depending on the nature of your case, should we wish to work together, you will need to follow up with a prescriptive package.

Gut Healing Protocol – £2222 with payment plan options, £2111 if paid upfront

This is a 5-phase programme which is specific to rebalancing the gut and targeting related symptoms.

Each phase can last between 6-10 weeks, depending on your body’s ability to progress through the intervention.

You can expect to be following this protocol for an average of 6-8 months.

For people suffering with additional hormonal imbalances, please note that we may need to continue working for an additional 8-12 weeks for additional interventions.

Supplements will be required, and in some cases diagnostic testing will be useful to pinpoint what we are dealing with.

Standalone Medical Astrology Consultation – £679

A health reading based on the medical astrology interpretation and analysis of your birth chart.

A complimentary natal chart reading with psycho-spiritual-emotional interpretations will be provided at the end of the session.

I am very pleased with the results I achieved in 3 months. Working with you has been great, you are first one to understand my body and helped me to understand it too. Noha El Helaly, Cairo, Egypt

Nour is a very conscientious and thoughtful nutritionist. The programme she put together for me was completely tailored and bespoke to my needs with attention to detail. The programme included a range of useful tools and effective habits to make positive changes as well as weekly catchups to discuss progress and accountability. I would recommend… Read more “Completely tailored and bespoke to my needs with attention to detail”

Jason Hayles

Nour is so easy to work with but incredibly knowledgeable, which really helps when you are wanting to take such an important step in your health journey. She is completely relatable, takes time to understand your cultural foods so she can help you adapt more easily, and every time I thought I was going to… Read more ““Every time I thought I was going to find it difficult, I was surprised I was able to sail through with Nour’s guidance.” “


Nour knows what she is talking about! In 6 short weeks, I was able to replace my diet consisting of sugar cravings and excess fat and replace them with colourful, nutrient dense options without compromising flavour. Since working with Nour, my body feels leaner, my energy levels are up and I’m feeling the best I… Read more ““My body feels leaner, my energy levels are up and I’m feeling the best I have in a long time.””

Marc McKinnon

As soon as I met with Nour I could feel her energy jump through the screen, she has an energy that is very clean and eager to serve.  Nour had the ability to really define me from what she had analysed through my astrology chart, pinpointing relationships in my life and the relevance of them which… Read more ““This reading also catapulted my health journey by bringing up how my planets were showing up and what I individually could do to reshape and embrace a healthy lifestyle that would bring out the best expression of me.””

Jacqueline Boothe

Terms & Conditions

Payment plans are available for the Gut Healing Protocol and Gut Healing & Hormone Balance Protocol.

The initial deposit payment prior to any analysis or consultation is required, with the remainder of the payments payable 1, 2, 3 months (2 for the Gut Protocol, 3 for Gut Protocol & Hormone Balancing Programmes) from the initial consultation date. 

Please note if you decide to not to proceed, you are not entitled to a refund and may be charged for any outstanding amounts for the programme you have selected.