How Does Astrological Nutritional Therapy Work?

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Using a unique combination of scientific & astrological methods, combined with healing approaches I’m able to identify the root cause of any imbalance causing any uncomfortable symptoms.

With the help of my unique approach, medical astrology, we get to dive deep. We will explore not only what is causing your un-wellness, but also why and how this may have happened to you.

Often times the root cause of a disease comes from an emotional, mental or spiritual blockage. These can even be passed down through generations via cellular memory.
When these blockages are left to fester, they typically manifest as physical symptoms such as fatigue, digestive issues, skin breakouts, inability to lose body and much more.

Nutritional therapy is great at investigating the root cause of what is going wrong with your health.
However, I find this isn’t the end of the story, it is merely a snapshot in time, caused by a series of events in your life. This is why I use a unique combination of nutritional therapy, medical and psychological astrology.

Where the nutrition functional medicine model ends, astrology begins. Using the combination of both disciplines, we are able to uncover the unique reasons and events which have caused you to feel unwell, and get to grips with your personal health story.

We will look at how you deal with challenges and healing, and how to personalise a healing approach just for you.

I understand how important it is to know what sort of client I am dealing with, rather than what sort of illness they have.

You are not a set of symptoms and lab results, you are a unique, complex whole being. Understanding where, why and how your dis-ease came from will help us get to grips with the deeper underlying changes which need to be made for longterm healing. I know how disheartening it is experiencing relapses and stagnancy, that is why it saves so much time to get deep in and clear things up, right from the start. This is the beauty of using astrology.

I can completely personalises your tailor made transformation plan and together we will discover where your superpowers and strengths lie, and we will use them to shift you from a state of feeling uncomfortable, stuck and overwhelmed into the best possible, future version of yourself.

This is how it all works:

Step 1 :
You will book in with me consultation. This is where we will discover the reasons for all of your pain & discomfort you’re currently suffering. We will also discuss your health goals and where you would like to be in a month, 6 months, a year or further into the future.

Step 2:
Next you will book in for your astrological consultation. This is where together we discover where these painful difficulties came from. I know there’s a lot of info out there, and you’re probably at the end of your tether. In this exciting session we will discover what caused these difficulties and discomfort to come about. This is where the really exciting and transformational work begins. I will show you exactly where your weak points are, and how to remedy them. For example, if you’ve ever wondered if your health problems come from a specific event (physical or metaphysical) in your life. You’re going to learn so much, expect revelations and AHA moments. My clients are blown away by the accuracy.

“Nour had the ability to really define me from what she had analysed through my astrology chart, pinpointing relationships in my life and the relevance of them which directly connected with my purpose here.  This information stripped off layers of my life story that left me feeling really invigorated. 
This reading also catapulted my health journey by bringing up how my planets were showing up and what I individually could do to reshape and embrace a healthy lifestyle that would bring out the best expression of me.”
-Jacqueline, London (click here to read what others had to say)

Step 3:
This is where I go away and work on all the information we’ve discovered so I can come back to you with a tailor made plan, which is personalised for you, and you only! Remember, we are all different, that’s why it’s important you have this complete tailored approach to address your unique health issues.

Together, we will be progressing you into smashing your goals of looking and feeling your absolute best while simultaneously connecting you to your own body’s healing and intuition.

I know first hand how exciting the transformational journey can all be, remember I will be by your side every step of the way, for each week of our programme.

Here’s what my clients had to say:

“Nour is absolutely brilliant !  She helped me understand the changes I could make to improve my overall health. She guided and supported me through the process and was extremely generous with her time throughout. Her expert knowledge and the research into each issue that arose helped me get a better and clearer understanding. I… Read more “”

Nour knows what she is talking about! In 6 short weeks, I was able to replace my diet consisting of sugar cravings and excess fat and replace them with colourful, nutrient dense options without compromising flavour. Since working with Nour, my body feels leaner, my energy levels are up and I’m feeling the best I… Read more ““My body feels leaner, my energy levels are up and I’m feeling the best I have in a long time.””

Marc McKinnon

Nour’s unique combination of medical astrology and nutrition is really revealing.
The medical astrology report was so spot on. I felt as if I had a much better understanding of how I functioned in all areas of life – fascinating and so helpful. 1000% recommend Nour incredible work. I am currently in my 2nd… Read more “Nour’s unique combination of medical astrology and nutrition is really revealing. The medical astrology report was so spot on.”

I am very pleased with the results I achieved in 3 months. Working with you has been great, you are first one to understand my body and helped me to understand it too. Noha El Helaly, Cairo, Egypt

Where to start with Nour? She is simply incredible and her unique combination of medical astrology and holistic healing is revolutionary. I heard about Nour chance, having met another one of her clients at an event. To me this woman was like sunlight; her aura and confidence shining through. I was in awe and intrigued… Read more “”

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