Mushrooms + Coffee – A godsend for those of us whose nervous systems can’t hack regular coffee.

Do you remember my post ‘Is Coffee Bad for Me’?

I previously noted that those of us who get the shakes/palpitations/suffer from insomnia as a result of drinking coffee should avoid all coffee completely.

This is due to the way our nervous system reacts to coffee. If your nervous system doesn’t like something, you can bet your whole body system is going to be negatively affected (gut health, blood sugar balance, energy balance, bloating, mood stability etc).

It’s just the way some of us have our genetics wired 🤷🏼‍♀️

Some of us aren’t that good at clearing certain neurotransmitters like dopamine, which coffee is very high in, so it just stays around in our system making us feel mad 😡

HOWEVER…I am so pleased to say, I have now found a coffee which people like me can enjoy in moderation.

Four Sigmatic is a brand which I have talked about before. They produce a variety of adaptogenic mushroom based drinks, like the Lions Mane & Chaga Mushroom Coffee Mix I’ve recently been enjoying.

Now this product DOES contain instant coffee, which normally drives me off the wall.

However, because it contains 250mg of Lions Mane (great for focus, concentration, cognitive function, helps repair nervous system) and 250mg of Chaga (boosts immune function, lowers inflammation, lowers blood sugar & cholesterol), I’m happy to say there have been 0 shakes and jitters!

It seems that the Lions Mane + Chaga have somehow managed to neutralised the coffee’s side effects, so all I’ve been left with is a feeling of alertness, focus and a pretty good mood!

If you have no idea what medicinal mushrooms are, scroll down to my post ‘Healing Mushrooms’ and get acquainted!

If you’re taking any medications please do check with your doctor or a trained nutritional therapist for any potential interactions. Although mushrooms are natural, they are still a form of medicine.

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