Oven Baked ‘fried’ Buffalo Chicken Thigh Recipe (SIBO friendly)

I love Buffalo seasoning, sauce, everything. When I was on a restrictive diet during my SIBO treatment, I was determined to find a way to recreate it at home. If I couldn’t go out to eat, I was going to have to use my brain and amp up my cooking skills. I read and watched many recipes, and I took an element I liked from each one, and came up with a healthy version.

I used coconut flour and also desiccated coconut, not just for flavour but also for their fibre content – which makes this SUPER filling.

I do like my food spicy, so please feel free to reduce or omit the cayenne pepper to suit your taste. Hope you enjoy!

INGREDIENTS: Makes 2 servings

4 boneless chicken thighs without skin, washed and dried.

2 teaspoons of garlic powder

2 teaspoons of onion powder

1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon of paprika

1 teaspoon of sea salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper

½ teaspoon of oregano or thyme

2 tablespoons of shredded/desiccated coconut

2 tablespoons of coconut flour

1 tablespoon of ghee or olive oil


  1. Mix together all the spices and salt in a small bowl.
  2. Rub half the spice mixture into the chicken thighs, massage very well to maximise the flavour.
  3. Cover and keep in the fridge for minimum of 2 hours (the longer the more flavoursome)
  4. When ready to cook, turn oven on fan setting 200 degrees Celsius. Remove chicken from the fridge and wait 10 minutes before putting it in the oven.
  5. While waiting for the chicken, heat up an oven tray and rack in the oven for 3 minutes. Remove it, grease the rack and return back to the oven for 2 minutes. Remove the tray when the chicken is ready to go in to the oven.
  6. Put the coconut flour, dessicated coconut and rest of the spices on a plate, and coat the chicken pieces very well.
  7. Place the chicken thighs on the rack, and drizzle chicken with ghee or olive oil. Put in the oven cook on 200c for 20 minutes.
  8. Reduce the heat to 170c and cook for another 25 minutes.
  9. Remove from oven, and let the chicken cool for about 5 minutes without touching it.
  10. Serve with a nice crisp salad. Enjoy!

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  1. zoot580 says:

    Looks divine!

    1. Nour Kader says:

      Thank you! Tempted to try it out at home?

      1. zoot580 says:

        TEMPTED? I WILL make this!

      2. Nour Kader says:

        Bang bang! Let me know how it goes, and if you found a way to make it even tastier 😉

      3. zoot580 says:

        I sure will. In case I didn’t already share it, here’s my “Oven Baked Taco recipe”, posted today! Last week was Crockpot Pizza Casserole! https://kennyzoot.home.blog/2019/09/06/kennys-kitchen-oven-baked-tacos/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

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