Black out Tuesday – from a non white and a non black perspective.

This is not a nutrition or a traditional wellness post – but it also is, inadvertently. Oppression, injustice and fighting against our intuitive inclinations of what is fundamentally right and wrong is damaging. For the psyche, then that becomes a health problem because you’re not living in alignment.

Racism and prejudice towards the black community isn’t exclusively an American problem. It’s a global sickness which keeps on being perpetuated in many languages and cultures.

No matter what culture or race you hail from, understand that black lives are more at risk of danger – every day. This isn’t ok.

Black people face prejudice just simply for existing – not for any particular action, belief or choice.

The fact that this has been the status quo for so long is deeply worrying about our state of humanity and sense of disconnection.

As a collective consciousness, we have collectively resigned our power and trust in institutions like government, the police etc, and we have accepted the daily occurrence of so much injustice towards black people. Why?

We’re all guilty of accepting this status quo, so even those of us who are not white have a moral and social responsibility to overturn this narrative. Enough is enough.

There’s more of us than there are of those pulling the strings and shaping collective reality. Remember this power!

WE are the majority, so how comes we aren’t controlling the narrative? The time is NOW.

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