Feeling down in the dumps recently? It’s not you, it’s the Mercury, Mars & Hygieia Conjunction in Virgo

The Tower Card isn’t always ominous!

I’ve seen a lot of people have been talking about feeling down this week, and it got me wondering about what might be going on astrologically to trigger this. And I found it!

For the last couple of days Mercury and Mars have been pretty much sitting on top of each other in the sign of nervousness and tummy troubles – Virgo.

Mercury and Mars have also been joined by an asteroid called Hygeia, which symbolises health and sanitation (also, SANITY).

Mercury, which is the ruler of Virgo, is also associated with nervousness, anxiety, neurosis and all things connecting the body and the nervous system together. It rules our thought processes, and can be responsible for the ‘monkey mind’ type of thoughts, if we don’t have balance.

Mars can offset inflammation, irritation, anger and heat – not just mentally but physically too.

With all of these factors combined in Virgo, it can mean some of us are feeling down because we’re replaying some painful past memories over and over again in our mind, most likely being overly critical of ourselves.

We may also find ourselves projecting a pessimistic future and worrying about the future, another very Virgoan trait.

This may be making us feel angry with ourselves, leaving us feeling withdrawn and irritable with others.

If this is you right now, be aware that when feelings like this arise, it is best to get them out rather than let them consume us. We have to re-direct these feelings from inwards to outwards. Otherwise, these feelings can express as tummy aches, digestive issues, racing mind, insomnia and anxiety.

Whenever uncomfortable issues arise, see it as an opportunity to bring up what is bothering you so you can start to release it. Hygeia being conjunct Mars and Virgo here supports our healing.

A combination of expressing your pain in a Mercurial fashion (therapy, talking to a friend, writing it down in your journal, making a video about it, producing art/music etc) and having a Martian energy outlet (sports, gym, martial arts, sex) is a great way to help yourself get through this time.

We have ANOTHER full moon in Aquarius (literally, once in a ‘blue moon’) this Sunday 22nd August which is the PERFECT opportunity to release any painful burdens that have been coming up recently.

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