Leo Season – Medical Astrology

Time to show out!

Welcome to vibrant Leo Season, and happy solar return to my beautiful Leo suns. A time for self love, standing out and pure joy. Leo season is all about fun, creative expression, fun and embracing your inner child (and actual kids, if you have them!)

Overall, everyone’s health & vitality tends to get better during this time, because the sun is very happy to be in his home (Leo is ruled by the sun). The sun rules vitality, confidence, life force and happiness. 

Just make sure you look after your back, eyes and HEART! 

Leos are known for being the life of the party and having big egos and bigger hearts. In fact, Leo rules the heart, the thoracic (the middle back), the spinal cord & column, the cell nucleus and eyes.

The cell nucleus symbolises something very powerful – it is the embodiment of all our ancestors who stand with us. It is through the chromosomes (where genetic information is held) that our ancestors are immortalised within us. While some of this information supports our health, some of it does not. However,Leo season reminds us that WE are in charge. Leo season reminds me that while genetics loads the gun, behaviours, choices & environment pull the trigger. Just because you have a family history in ‘x’, does not mean it will express.

This is a great time to put some focus on your cardiovascular health. Has lockdown/the pandemic hindered it? Are you out of breath faster than you’d like? Get your cardio back on track by doing some kind of physical activity which gets you ‘breathless’ for a few minutes each day. In true Leo spirit, find an activity which fills your heart with joy!

Watch the sun rise and set, spend time in the sun until you feel you’ve been ‘kissed’ (that’s how you know you’ve made vitamin D). Make sure you are out there in the sun downloading vitamin D (ruled by Leo), because this nutrient offers wonderful cardiovascular and bone protection.

People born in Leo season (Leo suns) are generally quite strong and healthy, as the sun LOVES being in Leo – this is it’s home after all! The main things they need to watch out for is their back, belly (getting big) and their heart. Leos have big personalities but don’t let that fool you. These people are big kids with huge hearts. A lot of their health problems they may experience may come from having their heart broken, which then manifest as physical ailments. These people do well with plenty of love, praise and fun.

Want to know where your health and life may receive some extra spotlight this season? Find where Leo falls in your chart, you may find a blessing turns up there!

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