How did Mercury Retrograde affect you?

Mercury rx is always best spent in introspection, reflection, revaluation, repairing and recharging.

Mercury Retrograde is technically over – this means from today, Mercury should be moving forward (well…it kinda stays very still for a few days for a bit, which sometimes causes more Mercury rx type issues).

Delays to do with communication and business should start to pick up pace now.

Did anyone do any Mercury rx stuff over the last month?

I for one unsubscribed from about 30 emails – my email account is a lot calmer 😅

What was going on in your life around September? Specifically 6/7th September.

Because there’s a big chance any themes and events from that time period are going to get repeated – but you will be equipped with something now that you didn’t have back then.

This was a particularly tough one on many people, especially if you have plants in Libra from 10 degrees and up.

Mercury rules gathering information from the stimuli we pick up via the nervous system. It also rules our small intestine function and digestion.

Put this in Libra, which rules the sex hormones, peeing, lower back and the large intestines and we could have seen some issues (or improvements!) in these areas.

Of course, Mercury was not alone. It was sharing a tight proximity space with the sun and Mars, so many people experienced ‘drying’ and ‘inflaming’ symptoms like headaches, dehydration, constipation, more bloating than usual, diarrhoea and lower back pain.

We’re almost out of Libra season and the sun and Mars will all be migrating into Scorpio in the next week or so.

We’ll talk about what all that means for your mind and body in another post!

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