How The Full Moon in Aries Is Going to Hit You

The full moon in Aries is on Wednesday 20th October at 15:56 GMT

This full moon is always known as the ‘Hunters’ Moon’ and I find that very fitting for a full moon in the tenacious and fiery sign of Aries. If you know any Aries people, then you know these people are going to do everything possible to get what they want. Don’t even try to stand in their way.

In a sense, this is what I would suggest we do with the energies we experience around this full moon. There are quite a few aspects in place which would make this a rather volatile event – some astrologers have dubbed it the most volatile full moon of the year.

The moon represents the people, our bodies/health and also our innermost emotions. Putting this full moon in Aries, in direct opposition to the sun & Mars in Libra, squaring Pluto in Capricorn…you can expect either yourself and/or others around you to be feeling mad as hell.

Maybe mad at how things around you are, and you feel like speaking your truth.

Maybe mad at yourself for not having the courage you wish you had to be able to stand up for yourself.

Maybe mad because you have been talking/wishing about how you want to achieve something and you’ve been very wishy-washy and not putting in the required action – probably because you’re scared of failing or lacking courage.

Maybe you’re pissed you’ve allowed a person or situation to get the better of your power.

This full moon is going to literally rip this unnecessary crap out of your life, and for some it’s really not going to be pleasant, however it’s truly a blessing in disguise.

On a health level, this is looking like nervous and immune systems being overactive, tension headaches, diarrhoea, poisonings (from food, alcohol or medications) and bladder/uti infections. Those with IBS may also experience a flare up.

Personally, I will be eating cooking and easy to digest and cooking foods like stewed meat, steamed vegetables, avocado and cucumber. I’ll also be emptying my schedule as much as I can, and giving myself plenty of time to get tasks done. Please, don’t forget your water intake and maybe this is a good time to swap your usual coffee for something a bit kinder to the nervous system like turmeric latte or rooibos tea.

Because forewarned is forearmed, I’ll also be consciously allowing other people’s frustration to bounce off me and not disturb my peace (as much as possible).

We do have some amazingly supportive aspects that can help us, if we choose to stay conscious during this time. The sun conjunct Mars & trine Jupiter, Mars trine Jupiter, the Moon sextile Jupiter and Neptune sextile Pluto can all help us stay calm and peaceful if we consciously don’t get sucked into the crazy 3D world shit (media, petty arguments, fake friendships, ego based interactions, fear, etc).

In fact, these auspicious aspects can actually help us use this ‘anger’ which may come over us in productive ways.

Maybe now you can gather some momentum and courage to take on that task or dream you’ve been too scared to start working on.

Maybe, you actually express and understand what’s really infuriating you internally, so that you save yourself from future potential illnesses which manifest from trapped emotions.

Maybe you finally gather the courage to cut your losses in a certain situation or to a specific relationship, because you understand how toxic it is for you.

The last time we had a full moon in Aries, a whole section of my home had caught on fire and became destroyed. Although it was incredibly stressful at the time, the situation showed me how incredibly strong, powerful and highly blessed I am. I had to just surrender to the destructive feminine energy of the universe and try to identify the lesson I was being shown. It was about letting go and stripping away my ego.

Aries is my sun sign and sits in my first house, so this full moon always changes the way I identify with myself. It changes my ego and therefore has an effect on my personality too.

Where is the full moon sitting in your chart? Pay attention to it’s placement, so that you know where the lesson and blessing from this event lies for you.

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