How This Scorpio Season Could Affect You

Scorpio Season, 24th October - 21st November, Medical & Psychological Astrology

This is one of the most interesting and transformational seasons of the astrological year.

In modern astrology, Scorpio is ruled by the Planet Pluto. In ancient mythology Pluto rules the underworld, and therefore is associated with themes regarding death, rebirth, shadow work, occultism, mystery and anything hidden, transformation, the subconscious, power, manipulation & control.

In traditional astrology Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the same ruler of Aries. However, the Martial flavour of Scorpio is different than that of the Arien counterpart. As I’ve said before; Aries is the machine gun unleashing mass destruction, Scorpio is the lethal sniper which will annihilate his target in 1 shot.

In medical astrology the Mars of Scorpio is associated with destruction, blood, surgery, accidents, violent vomiting, death, fast metabolism and a stimulated immune defence system. 

The Plutonian element rules hereditary/genetic diseases, DNA, insulin regulation, poisons, cell death & regeneration, detoxification, bowel function, sex/reproduction, sex drive sexual organ function, prosthetics and amputations.

On a psychological level, Scorpio rules obsession, stalking, spying/investigating and uncovering truth (no matter how ugly).

Here’s the current astrological picture: 

The sun is in Scorpio, and it’s holding hands with Mars in Libra. It’s also directly beefing Uranus in Taurus, and having some tension with Jupiter in Aquarius.

This tells me some people are really transforming their relationships with themselves or their significant other after resolving some stuff which may have come up during Mercury retrograde. 

These people are also coming together as a team and thinking seriously about how to create a legacy of wealth. My tip is to find a way to generate income from working with the Earth/nature/food/health/teeth or natural resources of any kind. Bitcoin/crypto may also be interesting but not sure how long that’s going to be a lucrative option for.

On the downside, this may also mean that a lot of people have split up and/or are going through a very self destructive phase. Lots of self sabotage. The disagreements may have been concerning shared finances and/or conflicting values, feeling manipulated or infidelity. 

I also expect that governments may take on or at least, consider some totalitarian control tactics to control the masses. Issues around coerced vaccine uptake and inability to earn money may magnify, and we may see even more intolerance from those pro and against these tactics, potentially leading to civil unrest. 

On a health perspective, we are still experiencing issues with the bowels as Scorpio co-rules the larger intestines with Libra and it also rules the anus, as well as bacterial/parasitic species. 

This is a great time to focus on improving your gut health and beginning a gut balancing programme under a professional practitioner’s guidance. 

Please don’t attempt to do this yourself as you risk making matters worse and cause further imbalance. If you don’t want to work with a practitioner, the best you can do is aim to eat a nutritious yet anti-inflammatory diet to stop the worsening of your IBS. 

We could also see a rise in autoimmune disorders and systemic poisoning or toxin overload because of Scorpio being overstimulated by the sun and Mars. Please be kind to your body, get plenty of sleep and drink lots of mineral water (tap water is very high in pathogens and heavy metals).

The amazing gift Scorpio season brings us is that it is a chance for us to purge the things within us which we want to get rid of more swiftly. It may feel a bit abrupt and volatile but it will be supported and expedited. 

Now until the 4th of November in particular is a powerful time to focus on any purging/detoxification strategies, symbolising the death of a part of ourselves/health with is causing a blockage within us. 

We are also supported by Neptune in Pisces trining the sun in Scorpio which can help us shed some of our deepest fears and traumas, further supporting our new reborn self. We can tap into this energy stream by physically removing inflammatory foods and practices from our lives, and delving deep into our spiritual and mystical world to seek out this new version of ourselves. 

Pisces rules the feet, so to help yourself get rid of toxins here, get some reflexology and sit yourself (or at least just your feet) in an Epsom salt bath for at least 40 minutes as often as you can. 

The new moon in Scorpio takes place on the 4th of November, and this is the perfect time to resurrect as the new version of ourselves.

To help yourself during this time, switch your usual tea to something containing coriander, oregano, nettle, sage, basil, rosemary, garlic or wormwood. These all contain natural antimicrobials and anti fungals which can have a subtle effect on eradicating pathogenic organisms in your body.


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