Jupiter in Pisces – how to manifest miracles

Where in your astrological chart do you have Jupiter and Pisces?

That area of your life is subject to receive some blessings!

Jupiter has been in Pisces from May 13 and will be staying there until July 28th, 2021.

Just beware, Jupiter and Pisces influences can make us want to engage in more escapist and day dream type of behaviour if we’re not conscious.

And with Jupiter, it’s going to be the indulgent and greedy variety of escapist activities on the low vibe side.

That means alcohol, recreational drugs, overreacting, reckless sex

On the high vibe side, if you take control of the energy and put intention on it, it could mean:

-heightened psychic senses

-massive healing of old traumas

-learning a new skill which brings financial abundance

-learning a new creative skill like playing an instrument, etc.

On the medical astrology side of things, it could impact:

-the liver,

-circulatory system

-large intestines

-feet & ankles

-hypothalamus (controls many other organs & functions of the whole body)

-the blood


-lymphatic system

How it would impact you depends on the individual aspects and placement of Jupiter and Pisces in your chart.

General takeaway:

Anticipate an abundance of blessings, healing and forwards movement wherever you have Jupiter and Pisces placements in your chart.

Be in control and ensure you navigate yourself rather than letting the energies take hold of you, so you don’t end up self sabotaging in escapist activities.

Use this time and the supportive healing energies to get over old traumas which are blocking you from abundance & success!

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