Medical Astrology for Virgo Season

This was a very interesting Virgo season. We had several planets chilling in Virgo which may have made things a bit tricky for our digestion and overall health.

This year we had Mars and the sun in Virgo at the same time. Both of these hot fiery planets together in earthy Virgo may have manifested for some people as inflamed intestines. This can cause violent diarrhoea, piles and intermittent constipation for some who weren’t eating a good, clean, balanced diet.

From a nutritional therapeutic perspective, water and a diet rich in plant based, hydrating herbs & vegetables and organic slow cooked meats (think Mediterranean diet) is the best remedy to relieving these irritated bowel symptoms.

Mars in Virgo was also in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, so many people may have been fighting off a gut infection (bacterial, parasitic or viral/yeast) at this time. The good news is with Mars in Virgo, the immune system was amped and ready to go. Those who generally support their health may have experienced more benefits here than those who are perpetuating toxic health cycles and behaviours.

On the other hand, because the sun and Mars strengthen our will and self esteem, many people became ‘fired up’ about prioritising their health. I had plenty of new clients who were ready and committed to claim their best possible lives, and we synced the start of their programmes with the new moon in Virgo on the 7th of September.

If any of my clients are reading this, you’re all doing brilliantly!!

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