What are you releasing this Pisces full moon?

Happy full moon in Pisces!

Time to release and let go of any illusions and delusions which are keeping you away from living your best possible reality.

Time to stop blaming others for your misfortunes. Time to take accountability for where you are in life and take back that power by over standing that you are a powerful co-creator in your own life.

Look at the habits you adopt which are sabotaging your health, wellbeing, self esteem and prosperity. Understand where they came from, and set the intention with the now waning full moon that you will you are releasing the root reeling causing you to self sabotage.

Get in some water (an Epsom bath is perfect) to strengthen the visual of you ‘shedding’ what no longer serves you. Speak your intentions into existence and envision crap leaving your pores into the water, and down the drain.

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