New moon in Taurus

A time for manifesting material abundance and successful healing.

This is one of the most auspicious new moons of the year.

It gives us the opportunity to really ‘feel’ what it would be like to live in the reality we’re desiring to manifest.

How does it ‘feel’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, ‘sound’ and ‘look’ like, once you’ve catapulted yourself into that desired reality?

Take some time to recreate that environment for yourself as best as you can, and firmly believe that it is already done. You’ve already signed on the dotted line.

Now, the other part of this new moon is about healing – with particular focus on your values and self worth.

To be clear, if you don’t BELIEVE you deserve the life you desire, you are putting energetic obstacles and blocks in your own path – stopping you getting from A (where you currently are) to B (your best possible reality).

So think back to what you were feeling like during the Scorpio full moon at the end of April. Did you experience painful memories? Endings? Insecurities?

If you did the shadow work that the Scorpio full moon was calling you to do (this could have also been in the works before the full moon, hence why you may have been some of the lucky ones who didn’t get backhand slaps), then congratulations.

You’ve been clearing your path of delusions & illusions caused by traumas and previous hurt. You’ve been taking your power back and recalling your energy.

You’ve been over standing your self worth because you’ve been seeing which aspects of yourself needed some attention, and you’re becoming steadfast in putting the self work in.

You’ve made space for joy, wealth, abundance, vitality, good health, success, love, wisdom, inner peace and power to be part of you, by removing hopelessness, fear, doubt, apathy, shame, guilt, sadness, dwelling and judgement.

A great way to ‘download’ some of the abundant healing energy this new moon has to offer, is by spending time in nature – somewhere beautiful and abundant with lots of greenery and trees. Not so much water or desert this time.

The healing helps you manifest the abundance, and helps you become in a state where you’re ready to receive the life you dream of – with no self sabotage, with no blocks.

If you feel you’re in that place, and it is not a chore for you, perhaps make this an occasion to wear your finest clothes, eat a high quality organic meal, spritz on some of your most opulent and favourite perfume, listen to your favourite music and feast your eyes on a beautiful sunset or nature scene.

Envision your best physical self, in your best physical shape, in your best physical health – balanced, healthy and in alignment.

Powerful, self loving, self appreciating and self respecting.

And with that, my friends, comes the key of promise that the new moon in Taurus gives you this year.

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