New moon in Virgo – Reclaim Your Wellbeing

Another chance to get back to health

The new moon, the sun, Hygieia and Mars are all in Virgo. Virgo, the sign associated with health, doing things properly and daily routine is having a tense convo with a few planets; one of them being Neptune in Pisces (double Pisces energy, basically!).

Some of you have been feeling like slowness, emotions and confusion have taken over your daily routines recently. Maybe your energy levels haven’t been as high as you’d like. Some of you may have been feeling like you can’t clearly see yourself or feel as confident as usually do. 

For some, it’s the thinking that may have been clouded by emotions or lack of enough information – careful not to be the one who stands for nothing and falls for anything these days. Don’t get swindled! The word ‘fog’ really comes to mind a lot. It’s funny, in London the sky has been extremely foggy and hazy (in a beautiful way, in my opinion) for a while – even in this short heat spell!

Please move SLOW during this time. As in, don’t make rash decisions. Analyse the details. As the brilliant @kellysurtees said in a recent video, when you encounter a fog while driving, the last thing you do is speed through it! You do quite the opposite. And the same applies to life right now. False, confusing yet convincing information is being flouted. Don’t fall under any spells of delusion. Discern like crazy. Virgo is all about scrutinising the details.

On the other hand, some of you may have been feeling more inspired creatively and spiritually. I for one have been drawn to spending more time in nature, meditating, giving myself tarot readings and listening to lots of jazz (Neptunian music). Take this time to really hone in on your intuition.

By being connected to your intuition, by default this can make you more connected to your body. Some of us have had a hard time with our daily routines for the last few weeks due to the harsh mental energies we’ve been experiencing (see my previous post about this), and have been escaping in food, alcohol, drugs, unhelpful thinking patterns etc.

The new moon in Virgo, assisted by the will power of Mars, and the ego of the Sun, we can now pay more attention to the details of our health. The opposition to Neptune in Pisces can actually help us use our intuition and spiritual practices to throw ourselves into a much more supportive and healthy lifestyle. At this time, you could say you are divinely supported in making a healthy life for yourself – although, you have to take the first step.

This new moon, make your affirmation to have a healthier life and habits. Write this one down. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and it represents the more scrupulous and grounded energies of the planet, as oppose to airy Gemini. 

Virgo rules a large part of the digestive system, so if you have gut health issues, this is a GREAT time to start a gut healing protocol. 

Write down on a piece of paper orderly lists of what you’re eating, not eating (this would be a great time to get a health consultation), what heathy habits and routines you’re wanting to cultivate, your health goals, etc..

THEN go to your favourite green area and bury that list to ground your intention and manifest it.

Wishing you all a powerful new moon in Virgo. May you be divinely supported in fulfilling all your health goals, and unlocking your best possible self!

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