Healthy Foods to Satisfy Your Craving for Crisps, and Why You Crave Crisps in the First Place

Craving salty crisps?

Embrace Virgo season and the Virgo new moon by cutting out the nutrient-empty, high calorie, processed food and check out these alternatives.

It’s not the crisps you need, it’s the electrolytes (salts) you’re craving.

When we’re feeling anxious or stressed, we crave crunchy, salty foods, because we expend minerals (salts) more readily during this state.

Here are some things which you can whip up as a quick meal (I don’t believe in snacking, we are not cows with 4 stomachs).

You’ll also hit 6-8 veg count by having this meal – which is a huge bonus! Especially when you compare it with oily crisps which contain…just fat, carbs and processed ingredients 😄

-oven baked padron peppers in 1tsp olive oil and sprinkling of sea salt (190c fan setting for 8 mins)

-organic olives (full of antioxidants and electrolytes!)

-1/2 an avocado, with a bit of lemon juice and sprinkled with a touch of sea salt or Himalayan salt

-handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half and covered in olive oil and basil

-sliced chicory, cucumber, celery, carrot sticks + homemade or restaurant made baba ghanoush (supermarket bought usually have a bunch of crap which bloats in them)

Honourable shoutout to pistachio and pilli nuts which I didn’t have at the time, but would have made a perfect accompaniment.

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