What happens to our health around the full moon

I’ve talked about how the moon cycles can affect health, by way of causing bloating, swelling and increased activity of the organisms inside our bodies (parasites, bacteria, yeast, viruses).

Apart from that, some people can notice they experience increased irritability, headaches and pressure around the head, neck & shoulder area in the 5 days leading up to the full moon.

This may be due to the fluid in the skull increasing, with the natural tide flow which occurs in bodies of water/fluid (seas, rivers, etc).

In the lead up to the full moon, this fluid in our skulls increases, and it may be an indication of low riboflavin (B2) levels.

As the moon switches over to a waning phase, these headaches/feeling of pressure may start to ease. It’s almost undetectable as we enter the new moon phase.

Want to know how to fix this?

Focusing only increasing b2 intake is not enough.

We need to look at factors which may be depleting vitamin B2 levels (smoking, alcohol, lots of sugar, stress, etc).

We also need to look at how well our digestive system is working. A compromised digestive system can often mean we do not absorb the nutrients we are consuming, especially from food sources.

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