What is the Ascendant sign, and why is it so important in Medical Astrology?

Your ascendant/rising sign is determined the moment you took your first breath at birth. You take on the zodiac sign which was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. Bla bla bla. This is why it’s so important to get your time of birth before coming for a reading with me. No birth time, no ascendant. However, there are solutions around this, but it’s less straightforward this way.

The ascendant can be thought of as a persona you organically created. It’s not necessarily the real you deep down, but it’s the image you unconsciously project on to people when you first meet them. 

The ascendant sign is also our lens through which we experience life. 

For example. You could be a Pisces sun, which is known to be very sensitive, spiritual, shy, deep, receptive, creative, patient…but your rising sign is Aries. This means that when people first meet you, your avatar appears more to them of an Aries, so they perceive you to be confident, ambitious, fun, dynamic, a leader, impatient and feisty. By the way, Rihanna is a Pisces sun and an Aries moon. 

Think of it as your shop window display. Let’s continue to use RiRi is the example here. Physically, she looks more like an Aries than a Pisces. Aries are known to have prominent foreheads, athletic physiques, fast metabolism, have a peachy/pinky/warm skin undertone and like to don red hair. 

I’m not aware of Rihanna’s health status, but I can bet you she has a fairly good one. I’m certain she works out regularly and gets very physical. Her metabolism is probably great and she gets rid of toxins fairly efficiently. However, maybe she gets tension headaches, skin breakouts, tense jaws or adrenal issues (stress) and drinks quite a bit of caffeinated/stimulatory substances to keep her going.

When I look at the ascendant in someone’s birth chart, it tells me a lot about their health and their general attitude. It also gives me a lot of clues as to what is fuelling this person’s health problems. Yes, it may be a gut problem they’re coming with – but it’s not the gut which is causing the issues. It’s something else which is out of balance and has triggered a whole cascade of imbalances throughout the body.

Your ascendant will always be found at the first degree of your first house.

There’s more than just the rising sign which tells me about someone’s health and disposition, but it’s a pretty good start. The rest of the chart still needs to be looked at in detail (it takes me up to 2 weeks to prepare for your reading), however your ascendant/rising sign will give me the theme of your health and outlook.

If your rising sign AND your sun sign are in the first house, then you can treat your sun sign as an honorary 2nd rising sign. As for everyone else, when you read your daily horoscope, you’re going to get much more accurate results if you read your rising sign rather than your sun.

Unless of course, you were born at night or are a Cancer sun, moon or rising 😅 I’ll explain more about moon signs another time.

Did this help you understand the ascendant?

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