How did Sagittarius season affect you?

After a deep dive in the dark water of the Scorpio underworld, the sun comes into fiery Sagittarius. 

The energy shift was pretty abrupt. It kinda felt like someone had suddenly turned on super bright lights and loud music while I was still asleep.

A lot of us felt energetically disorientated and drained from that transition, and from all the intense self reflective shadow work which would have come up with so many planets in Scorpio at the same time.

Tired, sick, demotivated…not just you. You purged/detoxed certain aspects of yourself which needed to be retired.

Sagittarius sun comes in bright, Mercury in tow. Now, you may start to realise that some of the beliefs you’ve had for so long have shifted. Your perspectives and desires may have transformed during Scorpio season.

With sun in Sagittarius, we notably feel a lot ‘lighter’ and more ‘fun’. We also may be feeling more up for exercise, particularly putting our lower bodies to task. We’re definitely also very ready to put Scorpio season behind us. Many of us wanted to go on spontaneous road trips/adventures, get physical or just get some sh*t off our chest. 

After all, Sagittarius is associated with worldly/international affairs, freedom and adventure, beliefs/learning/spirituality, judgement/justice/truth and grandiose/confidence. 

In the lower frequency version of Sagittarius, you can find themes such as being judgemental, preachy, hypocritical, impulsive, arrogant, backstabbing. 

The high frequency expressions are courage, wisdom, generosity, teaching as an act of service, optimism, fairness, non-judgement,  authenticity, sincerity, understanding and tolerance to every being’s truth.

In medical astrology, Sagittarius rules the hips, bum, thighs, the connection between the hormonal + nervous system and the left side of the cerebrum (speech, processing info, comprehension, language, reasoning ability).

How these body parts and mechanisms are affected, depends on what planets are in Sagittarius in your chart, and how those planets are speaking with other planets.

You’d also want to see where Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is sitting in your chart. Is he in a position he likes to be in?

These are some of the considerations I make when I’m reading someone’s birth chart when I’m being a health detective 🕵🏻‍♀️

How is everyone doing during this Sagittarius season?

This is one of my favourite times of the year. The energy is exciting and people want to have fun, just ask the team at number 10 Downi…nevermind.

This particular Sag season is extra Sag because we had Mercury (planet of communication, current events, expression)in Sagittarius for a pretty long time (it has now moved on to the more sensible and practical Capricorn). So truths and scandals were coming out of the woodworks.

Or were they distractions from some other important events, such as taking away our right to protest, and the authority to take away any non-English person’s British citizenship without any challenge or notice?

Either way, these are all very in line with Sagittarius’s themes of equality, foreigners, travel, fairness, judgement and freedom.

As usual, if you want to know which part of your life this transit affected, check for the house Sagittarius lies in. 

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