What You Need to Know About The Full Moon in Aquarius – Medical Astrology

Talk about intense energy!

The full moon in Aquarius (ruled by Saturn this year and traditionally) is being sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto (which is in Capricorn at the moment).

This is potentially a very triggering time where the collective consciousness is starting to get very sick and tired of being controlled and manipulated.

Breaking free and fighting for freedom may start to be spoken about by the ‘masses’. Of course, this will be censored and opposed by the governments (Saturn) at this time.

We’ve seen this kind of thing before when the Arab springs and Civil Rights movements were being established. It gets tough, but the masses can make breakthroughs work.

However, while all this is going on, how do you think this shift in mass consciousness is affecting you? Do the current events stress you out?

In medical astrology, Aquarius rules the nervous/neurological system and the electrical balance & function of our synapses. It also rules electricity, electrolyte balance…an example of imbalance here is sudden spasms, such as sciatica or cramps.

With the Moon, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter soooo close together, I expect the low vibration manifestation in people’s health to look like this: mental health is very burdened by painful trauma from the past. People may feel depressed and stuck and as a result feel stiff and not want to move. In addition, people may escape into the bottle, eating their feelings &/or drugs.

Accumulation of toxins from all the ramped up inflammation in the body caused by the depression, and as a result, this continues to further exacerbate the depression by introducing more inflammation and restricting serotonin production. The stomach and the gut may also experience some cramping/spasms which will further hinder inflammation and also pains in the bones, and trigger eczema/psoriasis conditions to worsen. I also foresee some people getting more cramping in their calves and ankles and as a result, hurting their knees.

One thing about astrology that I want to make abundantly clear is: you do not have to experience these transits, because we are blessed with free will, which allows us to experience a high frequency manifestation of the transits – which actually help accelerate our progress! This requires alignment with self (knowing who you are, and accepting you), a clear intention/focus of what you want to make manifest, and the belief in your power (the power of the creator).

The high frequency manifestation looks like this: you have some uncomfortable past events resurfacing unexpectedly, or you weren’t expecting to feel that strongly about them. You may temporarily have felt stressed and this may have affected your gut, you may have wanted to escape on drugs or alcohol to soothe the pain and unconsciously yearn to feel connected with the divine. You may have even given a little bit.


Your divine power comes in and reminds you that you are a powerful co-creator who can transform energy to your advantage. You lean into the pain, you work through it by looking at the event as an detached observer. You can see the situation from a higher position now than you did then. You feel a huge sense of relief, and your nervous system reacts accordingly. You feel more appreciative and relaxed, and your health begins to improve because you’ve also gotten rid of a burden you may have been unaware of. A chronic condition that you had may even start to improve..

You experience a surge of serotonin, oxytocin through your appreciation and staying present as much as you can, and you rewire your nervous system. You come out of this event feeling powerful and high vibrational and may even want to support others going through the same thing.

I know this was a very long post, but this is how I holistically interpret the current astrology in the sky.

This is DEFINITELY a great time to sage your home, immediately followed by a more gentle incense such as frankincense or Palo Santo.

Pray and affirm your intentions and the manifestations you want, affirm that whatever it is which is burdening your is no longer able to burden you because you appreciate what it has taught you, and you are ready to release it now.

Definitely sage yourself, ground every day (maybe morning and night for a few minutes), have an Epsom salt bath and keep your calendar empty-ish. Take a little few days off to clear your mind, body (great time to eat very clean and light), and soul (release your karmic contracts of shame, guilt, doubt, etc).

This full moon (funnily enough also known as the thunder moon…and lightening is forecast tomorrow and Sunday) really is a massive transformation turning point. Embrace the warrior within you, and remember the warrior needs strength and focus, so nourish yourself accordingly.

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