What You Need to Know About the New Moon in Cancer

This new moon brings a much needed softener to the current astrological weather. We’ve had some pretty intense squares and oppositions between heavy hitters like Saturn, Uranus, Mars, the Sun & Pluto. Even softer planets like Venus, Neptune and Mercury are getting caught up in the mix.

Have you been experiencing more headaches, tiredness, irritation and challenging situations? How’s your tummy/digestion been?

Use the new moon energy to nourish your inner and outer being. Cancer season is all about taking it easy and nurturing yourself. It offers a little respite.

Maybe it’s time to start looking at yourself a little more kindly. Observe the way you speak to yourself. Would you speak to your loved ones in that way? if not, then you have some self-mothering to do.

Are you taking care of your health? Or is it time to start that more nourishing way of living & eating?

This isn’t the time for aggressive detoxes, harsh diets or intensive workouts. This is a time to eat healthy, nourishing foods which are going to make your body feel great. This is the time to do lots of stretching, hatha, yin and restorative yoga. Go to bed a little earlier. Go ahead and splurge on a lymphatic massage to get that excess water out.

Listen to chilled music while you spend time in nature. Meditate & connect with your intuition and your natural psychic abilities (we all have them). Get a tarot reading or a reiki healing. We’re all a little bit more psychic at the moment, if we choose to slow down and tune in to ourselves, we may just be able to magically manifest our dreams into reality.

Want to know which area the new moon will affect you the most? Check the house where Cancer is in your chart for clues. What you need to know about the new moon in Cancer.

If your solar return is today, or is in the next 3 days, this is an especially significant turning point for you. Use this energy to flow into the life of your dreams. But listen, you can’t flow if you’re rigid and you think you know it all already. Open up from those hard, defensive Cancerian shells and ‘see’ what signs the universe has been sending you recently.

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”

We all have Cancer in our charts somewhere, to see where you may experience a new chapter in your life, check which house Cancer sits in your chart.

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