Hyper inflammation from being over & under fat increases susceptibility to catching/developing disease.

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When we keep hearing in the media that there’s an abundance of young people with no underlying health issues passing away from this virus, it seems some details are getting left out.

  • Some people may have died without any diagnosed underlying conditions – but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have them. They may have just not been diagnosed.
  • Obesity, or having a high body fat percentage is HIGHLY inflammatory, as clearly displayed in the 2 enclosed images. Likewise for those who have an extremely low body fat percentage.

    However, it’s interesting that 80% of the population is in the obese/over fat stage and only 8% made it to the under fat stage.

    I’ve written about the importance of maintaining blood sugar balance for digestion and hair loss. Those are just some of the manifestations, however putting on/maintaining high body fat is another manifestation of high blood sugar too.

    As you can see in the pictures, somebody with too much inflammation to begin with is far more susceptible to catching and developing diseases.

    If you’re one of the people who are either over or under fat, what can you do today to put your immune system in a better position? Check out my previous posts for ideas.
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    Take a close look at these two graphics. Bottom line 12% of us are metabolically healthy.

    That puts 88% of us at higher risk of serious complications and death from COVID-19.

    Most of us are pre-inflamed so that when COVID-19 hits its like putting gasoline on the fire creating a “cytokine” storm.

    Now is not the time for comfort foods but to double down on your health, a whole foods, plant rich, low starch and sugar, plenty of good fats, clean protein, exercise, sleep, meditation to not only reduce your own risk but to help us get back to our lives by unburdening the health care system.

    Make yourself COVID-19 resistant.

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